The Supreme Court decision in the year 2010 in the highly popular case of Citizen United vs. F.E.C. has allowed an unlimited amount of funds to flow into the elections. Big money flowing into the elections would naturally influence the outcome and compromise the interest of the everyday people. End Citizen United is a public and established political action committee that collects funds from the common and everyday people to help independent political candidates and political parties that support the end of unsupervised campaign finance rules. When unaccountable money flows into the partisan elections, it influences the outcome, and it is what the End Citizen United aims to end once and for all.

The End Citizen United wants that the money that is flowing into the political elections should be that of the common people and that every penny should be accounted for. It would help increase transparency as well as accountability, which would ensure that the candidate who wins the elections works genuinely for the everyday people and not make policies that only favor the rich and the corporate companies.

The candidates that have championed the cause similar to the one supported by the End Citizen United have received a lot of support as well as funds from the PAC. The End Citizen United wants to create awareness across the country about the Supreme Court decision of 2010 so that there are nationwide protests that would force the Supreme Court to overhaul or amend its decision to bring accountability in the campaign finance rules, which at present are entirely unmonitored.

The End Citizen United also believes that the rollback of the Johnson Amendment is a big blog to the campaign finance rule. It would make the churches and the charities the front of the big donors into the elections. If the Johnson Amendment is not in the place, the rich and the wealthy individuals, as well as corporate companies, would pump an unlimited amount of money into the election through the churches and the charities. It would make it difficult for the public to assess whom to vote and who to rely on. The fancy election campaigns are sure to influence the public and the eventual outcome of the elections.

The President of the End Citizen United, Tiffany Mueller, said that when churches and charities are used to funnel money into the election, it compromises the integrity of the democracy as well as these institutions. People need to be aware of the Johnson Amendment and protest against its rollback to ensure that the elections are fair and square and without any interference or the influence from the external parties. End Citizen United is supporting the political candidates that are protesting against the rollback of the Johnson Amendment. Learn more:



Countries are governed by dozens of laws and policies, and most citizens even the well-read cannot claim to know or understand all these laws. However, with the various political and economic changes happening in the USA, more and more people are finding out about the Johnson amendment. This was introduced to Congress by the then-senator, Lyndon B. Johnson and signed into law by President Eisenhower in 1954. Between then and now, few people understood what the amendment even said. That was until Republican legislators started campaigning for the repealing of the law.

Essentially, the changes that legislators want to make to the bill will mainly exempt churches from the condition required to be a tax-exempt organization. In 2015, Americans donated over a 100 million dollars to churches and church-based charities. If the amendment is repealed, it will mean that the money given to these institutions will still not be taxed, but can be used for anything from helping the needy to putting a senator or a president into office.

One of the organizations on the front line to fight this move by Congress is End Citizens United. This is a political action committee founded in 2015, by people trying to overturn the decision by the Supreme Court in the case of citizens united vs. the Federal Election Commission. It is mainly funded by other grass root donations and in the previous elections has endorsed different democrat leaders like Hillary Clinton and Russ Feingold among others.

The process to change the Johnson amendment started in September, but efforts by legislators then failed. They then tried again by altering the language in the bill, to allow these non-profit organizations from keeping the tax exemption status will avoiding the other requirement. Additionally, they are trying to a pass a bill that prevents the IRS from investigation non -profit organizations that do not abide by the law. Luckily over 100 religious groups are also siding with end citizens united to fight this change.

While this might not seem like something that may affect most American it will. The Johnson amendment ensures that tax-exempt institutions like charities and churches are not allowed to finance or campaign for political candidates. If this bill is altered, then any charity or church will be allowed to raise and funnel money for political candidates.

This amendment has for years managed to separate the church from politic and once it is repealed this separation will no longer exist. Honest religious Americans will give their donations to churches and organizations in a bid to make life better for other people, and this money might eventually be funneled into financing different political agendas. Learn more:


Felipe Montoro Jens is a renowned expert in Infrastructure projects. He recently made public the fact that Brazilian city, Rio de Janeiro plans a massive expansion of its child education network by incorporating public-private Partnerships (PPP). Rio de Janeiro Mayor, Marcelo Crivella adds that the expansion plan aims to complete the construction of 20,000 new daycare facilities and as much as 40,000 pre-schools in the area by 2020.

The PPP will take care of the construction and maintenance of the facilities as well as provision of the education equipment. The private partners take part in the building and maintenance of the education centers while the city municipality is responsible for the supply of education equipment and school meals among other services. The design of the facilities follows in the footsteps of the one in Belo Horizonte which is also a PPP product done in 2012.

Felipe Montoro Jens adds that The International Finance Corporation (IFC), which has affiliations with the World Bank, provides consulting services for the project. IFC helps many entrepreneurs with expert advice to overcome financial difficulties and has influenced many developments in the private sector. IFC will also offer their services in the Public Lighting project in Rio.

The Public-Private Partnership as a program encourages public contracting and participation of the public in development activities that directly affect them. It has been in existence since 2004 after the introduction of the biding and contracting laws. The PPP provides a better and tested alternative for the government to improve service delivery to the public. A public-private partnership model comes to life when a private party willingly enters the agreement with a public administration, either the state or even the municipality, and the two entities jointly sign the deal.

Retired at the young age of 35,Sahm Adrangi the former hedge fund credit trader/Credit Analyst/PM wanted to discuss Wall Street and his 12 year career with Paulson & Co. along with the three hedge funds he started. Sahm Adrangi graduated from Penn State in which he was able to pick up his internship with Merrill Lynch working the credit desk in New York City. Following the internship period, Merrill Lynch kept him on an additional three years. He was then able to start up the $3 billion hedge fund called “Longacre”. Longacre stint over, he then moved on to Paulson & Company’s credit team, in which he was responsible for $6 billion in the shorting of mortgage bonds. Afterwards, moving on to Bowery Investment Management, LLC., where for three years he served as their Credit PM.

Kerrisdale Capital, a hedge fund, was founded by Sahm Adrangi shortly after his time with Longacre ended. He is also the Chief Investment Officer, in which he is a major part of all Kerrisdale’s involvements since its establishment in 2009. The company was started with just under $1 million; and currently, as of July 2017 it is managing $150 million.

Sahm Adrangi is best recognized for his research in “short selling and publishing”. When it comes to stock, he shares the same views as his firm, Kerrisdale Capital Management. He was made famous for his ability in the “shorting and exposing of fraudulent Chinese companies, like China Education Alliance and ChinaCast Education Corp.” Because of his findings, these companies became subject to strict penalties from the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

Due to the “high cost of living” Adrangi made the decision to quit his Wall Street career. Investing is still his true love, in which most of his current income is generated by his investments as well as the “seed capital” from his Wall Street days.

Lime Crime just launched its newest collection and it is absolutely fantastic! The new collection is called Diamond Dew and it has LimeCrime lovers over the moon.

If you aren’t familiar with Lime Crime, it is a beauty company that is a bit of a rebel in the cosmetics industry. Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere as a result of her not being able to find the bold lipstick colors she wanted. When she founded the company she made a commitment to only use the best organic ingredients and to always make sure her products were vegan friendly and never tested on animals. Lime Crime started as a line of bright lipsticks that came in every shade from rich red to bright orange to bold, starlight blue. Lime Crime became an immediate hit with women who wanted to express themselves through makeup and the company quickly grew. Over the years Lime Crime has expanded to offer eyeshadows, highlighters, hair dyes and more. Lime Crime is incredibly selective about the products they offer to their buyers. In fact, one of their mottos is that if their team isn’t truly obsessed with a product, they simply won’t release it. Because of that attitude fans of Lime Crime absolutely flip when there is news of a new product launch. Diamond Dew was no different. People have been waiting for months to get their hands on the next big item from Lime Crime.

Diamond Dew is the latest release from Lime Crime. Many fans speculated before its launch that it might be a sparkly eyeliner or a new liquid highlighter (Lime Crime currently has a powder highlighter). However, Diamond Dew made its big debut and Lime Crime lovers were thrilled to find out that it was a liquid eyeshadow.

Diamond Dew comes in 10 different colors and can be used either on a naked eye or on top of any eyeshadow color to add flair to your look. Colors include teal, gold, rose, pink and more. The liquid eyeshadow is thin enough to blend easily on top of a powder shadow, while also staying in place for a full day.

Going to a therapist is not something that should ever be stigmatized. In fact, it should be something that we all celebrate. Unfortunately, that is not the way that it works in a lot of cases. As such, there have been a number of alternative ways to see a therapist that have sprung up in recent years. Among the most popular is a service known as Talkspace.

For just $32 per week a patient can begin to receive the help that he or she needs via text. That’s right, a therapist can be right there in your pocket with you when you subscribe to Talkspace today. The fact remains that many people do not have access to the proper mental health care that they really need in their life. They want to work on it, but they are afraid that doing so might make them stigmatized in some way. For those individuals, it might be a lot easier to just pull out their phone and speak with a therapist via text messaging.

Text messaging is a lot less intimidating to those who might be a little apprehensive about going to a therapist in the first place. After all, there are a lot of people who would rather not have to face that kind of pressure. They might be intimidated that they will be judged by the therapist or something like that. For them, the fact that the can receive help without the judgement is a blessing.

Opportunities to use Talkspace are expanding as the company has paired up with Magallen Health to reach more patients. Those who are current patients of Magallen are soon going to be able to use the services of Talkspace. This will open the eyes of even more people to the power that is Talkspace and therapy in general.

Recently, the House of Representatives released its Tax Plan, calling for the appeal of the Johnson Amendment, which helps keep religious money out of politics. Soon after, the political action committee(PAC), End Citizens United (ECU), made clear their goal to protect the Johnson Amendment in a press release. With all of the chaos of the political world and the distractions of the White House – from Trump calling North Korea’s leader fat, to continued halts in the Russia investigation – have kept the House plans to repeal the amendment out of public eye. ECU intends to alert the public.

The Johnson Amendment, was named for Lyndon B. Johnson (a democrat) and indoctrinated by Dwight Eisenhower (a republican) in 1954. This amendment prohibits religious institutions from putting money towards politics – helping to uphold our country’s founding belief of separation of church and state. The current president has already made attempts to weaken the bill by signing executive orders but now it appears the House now wants to be rid of the amendment altogether. This could give religious houses unprecedented power in U.S. elections and further the ideas of the 2010 Citizens United decision which acknowledged that unions and corporations shared rights that were previously reserved for individual citizens. Non-profit organizes such as churches are also already tax-exempt giving them a financial edge to donate in political matters should the Johnson Amendment be repealed.

President of ECU’s PAC, Tiffany Muller, was quoted in the press release defending the Amendment, “The House Republican’s tax plan includes the terrible decision to repeal the Johnson Amendment, which can turn churches into tools for secret campaign spending.”

ECU is a largely democratic PAC run by donations. After being inspired by the repercussions of the Supreme Courts 2010 decision in Citizens United vs FEC,they formed their PAC in March of 2015. Their mission is to reform the way that campaigns are funded and return accountability and transparency back into elections.Their funding can be viewed publicly through the Federal Election Commission which they update annually. To find out more about End Citizens United and their growing grassroots movement they can be found on twitter, where they consistently report how, where, and by whom campaign dollars are really being spent. Read more:


*A Closer Look at Drew Madden:

Drew Madden is a well known Health Care IT Specialist. Mr. Madden is devoted to his profession and he believes in establishing a strong company presence. In addition, developing long term business based relationships is the key to success especially within the IT business. For over a decade Drew Madden has been optimizing special EMR and other projects, building reliable business relationships and utilizing his technical skills to the fullest.

Drew Madden has over seven years experience as President of Nordic Consulting Partners. Nordic Consulting Partners is an hi tech consulting firm is headquartered out of Madison Wisconsin. Mr. Madden has a variety of responsibilities that are critical to the organizations success. Therefore, Drew Madden must use his expert knowledge and business development skill when he is recruiting new IT Personnel. In addition, Mr. Madden must create effective business development strategies so that the company continues to expand and develop new creative concepts.

Under Drew Madden’s direction, Nordic experienced an substantial increase in gross revenue within the 2015-2016 fiscal year. In addition, the organization experienced exceptional growth on a national as well as international level while under the direction and guidance of Drew Madden.

Previously, Drew Madden was employed by an organization called Ingenix. Drew Madden held a position as an Epic Consultant during his tenure with Ingenix. Ingenix is an organization directly related to United Health Care. Mr. Madden was responsible for creating medical solutions for a variety of in house patients.

*Previous Experience & Educational Background:

Drew Madden was promoted from Epic Consultant to a Business Development Manager within a two year period. Ingenix was called Healthia Consulting until their merger in 2008. Following a merger the organization changed its name to Ingenix. Drew Madden received several Employee recognition awards while employed by Ingenix. mr. Madden was continually recognized for his exceptional management and organizational skills.

Drew Madden graduated from Iowa College of Engineering. He received his BSE in Industrial Engineering from Iowa College. The college is geared toward those seeking careers within the Biomedical Sciences as well as Engineering.

On a recent forum, Clay Siegall stated that stated that Seattle Genetics is an emerging global multi-product Oncology institution. The reason behind the statement lies in the long list of products the company has under development and the already developed ones that are in the market. Seattle Genetics, unlike other companies, is focused on creating a great enterprise rather than branding itself as a significant biotech company, a mistake most firms in the industry does.

Siegall’s ambition goes way beyond running a biotech company that focuses on drug development. Currently, he is hoping to expand Seattle Genetics services to cover and handle the complexities that arise in international marketing of new medication the company is now developing.

The move by Seattle Genetics comes as a surprise to many as earlier in the year; they sold its international commercial rights to a different company. The powers they sold to Takeda Oncology was done for the sole purpose of raising sufficient capital to fund the research of Adcetris.

On learning about international markets through his partnership with Takeda Oncology, Siegall decided to set up an office in Switzerland with the purpose of enabling Seattle genetics to carry out its independent international marketing.

To demonstrate Seattle genetics commitment to the global market, Siegall offered a bid back in February to acquire the international rights that will enable his company to commercialize a particular cancer drug which has been developed by Immunomedics, a biotech firm from New Jersey. The bid Siegall made is valued at $2 billion.

Due to the ongoing struggle for the control of the Immunomedics board, the court ruled that the deal could not be closed, this led to Siegall withdrawing his bid in May. Even though things didn’t turn out as expected, the efforts made to acquiring international rights signals Seattle Genetics dedication to using the knowledge they have gained in Oncology to produce and develop new drugs for the global market. Seattle Genetics has 11 drugs under development, four of them have a potential for immediate sales, stated Siegall.

Clay Siegall is the current president of Seattle Genetics; he also serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. At Seattle Genetics, Siegall is the chairman of the board of directors. He co-founded Seattle Genetics back in 1998. Under his leadership for almost two decades, Seattle Genetics has created a diverse Pipeline of cancer therapies based on the use of antibodies. One such antibody-based treatment is the ADCETRIS which in 2011 got an accelerated approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

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When Quality and Professionalism Mean Something

Offering superior care to those that have need of assistance in their everyday activities and lives is a challenge in itself. Many times, healthcare facilities may not be up to standards; however, at Sussex Healthcare Senor Living Facility, Care Centre and Support Services, the administration and support staff take personal patient attention to the maximum level obtainable.

Some Of The Services Provided By Our Facilities:

Senior Care

Providing a safe, comfortable environment to stimulate an individual’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social interactivity, Sussex Healthcare makes this the focal point of their philosophy. In addition, offering respite daycare and residential care, specialized programs for handcrafts, music, movement, cookery and therapies focusing in the areas of art and music, Sussex has shown its propensity to help stimulate mental acumen and clarity.

Dementia Care

With a person-driven care approach, ongoing activities for learning and stimulating development are offered to all. In addition, a 24-hour nursing staff is also part of the healthcare landscape.

On-site activities include specially customed programs similar to those offered seniors care, PMLD care and neurological charges.


With an expert eye on those with learning disabilities or physical disabilities, we take pride in our facilities, equipment and highly skilled staff. For those with profound multiple disabilities, en-suite rooms with patient track hoisting are readily available.

Neurological Care

Among the many neurological diseases addressed by Sussex Healthcare are found Huntington’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson Disease and some forms of brain injuries.

Not lacking in in-house physiotherapists, physiotherapy assistants and speech therapists, Sussex also offers outstanding spa and hydrotherapy pools with 24-hour nursing care as well.

Palliative Care

For those found to be chronically or terminally ill, local specialty services support the Gold Standard Framework for End of Life Care approach with compassion and control of pain being its focal point.

A Little Background Information

Beginning with only one home in 1985, Sussex Healthcare now has over 580 beds. Further expansion came in 2002 with a focus of recognising that leisure, social and recreational activities are vital to a person’s overall good health.

That being said, Sussex Healthcare is today a leading provider of residential and nursing care just outside Horsham in the West Sussex region.

Awards And Noted Recognition

Adding to the prestige of Sussex Healthcare, on Friday 18 Jul 2014, Sussex achieved an Investors in People accreditation after having gone through a rigid and demanding assessment as to their level of performance.

Whether an elderly person, or a physically or mentally challenged person, only a high standard of care to our charges is provided making certain the right resources are on hand at all times.

To know more visit @: