Growth in business is characterized by many factors and each company sets its own goals that it aspires to achieve. When these goals are achieved, this becomes a perfect way to measure growth and development. The healthcare industry is unique and is one of the areas where companies experience challenges getting their products to the market, especially if the product is new and not tested by users yet. Another problem that could weight down the development of a company is the kind of feedback that is offered by the market.

With good feedback, a company is able to offer great results and to improve its growth rate. Many of the companies like InnovaCare Health that experienced a difficult time while managing growth are a good example of how good management and proper leadership are vital elements that determine success. With good leadership, InnovaCare Health managed to get to experience growth and development that saw the company rank as one of the best in Puerto Rico for managed healthcare services. All the changes that allowed InnovaCare Health to emerge as a leader occurred in few years, particularly from 2012.

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is one of the forces behind the massive growth InnovaCare Health enjoys today. He took over as the CEO of the company in 2012, a time when the company did not have a clean bill of health and needed a complete overhaul to include new and better ways of handling services and products. While developing the company, Rick Shinto borrowed from several professional, who have also been working to see the growth of InnovaCare. Part of the skills Rick Shinto boasts of today were earned from successful companies like MedPartners, Aveta Inc and NAMM California.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides, being the chief administrative officer, has helped in the development of plans and strategies that were aligned towards leading InnovaCare Health to achieve its goals. She came to the company around the same time as Rick Shinto and she also worked with him at Aveta Inc., where she was his deputy while he held a top position as the CEO.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a renowned provider of physician practices services based in Puerto Rico that has been working with clients from Puerto Rico and the wider North American region. Due to the high quality of services the company offers, it has registered more than 290,000 users of Medicare Advantage and the numbers keep rising. Visit their website at

Talk Fusion has firmly established itself in the video communications marketplace. They have awards to prove that, and they are very proud of the awards, as they should be, because they have earned them. However, they don’t do this sort of thing for awards. They do it because it means something to them and it matters to them. It especially matters and means something to founder and CEO Bob Reina. He founded it and created it in 2007 and now as it has reached a decade, he could not be more proud of what the company has done for so many people.

He wants as many people to experience it as possible and get everything they can out of it. That is why he is offering thirty day free trials of Talk Fusion and everything that comes with in the voice and data world. This is a top of the line product here, and he is giving people the chance to try it out for thirty days. If they don’t like it, they don’t lose anything in the process. If they do like it and fall in love with it, the benefits are out of this world. All anyone has to do is ask anyone that has used Talk Fusion. They will tell everyone and shout it from the rooftops how truly special it is.

It is the kind of product that gives people the life they have always wanted, needed, and deserve. People deserve the best in their lives. They deserve to be able to live their lives. Keep in mind, when someone uses Talk Fusion for their business, it is still a job. It takes time and a lot of long hours. Though, when someone is doing something they love, it does not feel like that at all. They enjoy it and they can’t wait to get started on it and dive right in and see it grow.

It will grow and it will grow fast. It is award winning, as mentioned, and it also comes from a great group of men and women, starting with the leader, Bob Reina.

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Todd Lubar ventured in the real estate industry in 1995. Since he was a kid, Lubar was passionate about the real estate business. He desired to start a company that provides affordable housing solutions to people. His first job was as an agent for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. At this company, he learned about mortgages and interacted with several professionals in the mortgage industry.

Lubar also worked as a broker for the Legacy Financial Group from 1999 to 2002. As a broker, he assisted people to acquire housing loans. The skills that he amassed from Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Legacy Financial Group enabled him to start his company called Legendary Properties, LLC. See his full bio on

Details on Legendary Properties, LLC

Legendary Properties LLC specializes in buying, rebuilding, and selling houses. Since it was founded, the company has helped clients to procure and sell more than two hundred houses. As Legendary Properties LLC was gaining trust from its customers in the real estate sector, Lubar networked with other real estate and mortgage corporations. His association with these corporations enabled his company to secure $20 million in financing. The funds were used to open new satellite offices and acquire housing units.

Legendary Properties LLC was founded as a subsidiary of Legendary Properties, LLC. This company solely focused on providing individuals and companies with housing loans. Lubar founded the company to serve individuals and companies who could not acquire loans from other mortgage corporations. He used the liquidity of Legendary Properties, LLC as well as his cash to disburse these loans.

Charter Funding

According to, in 2003, Lubar founded Charter Funding. This company was registered as a branch of First Magnus Financial Corporation. This move allowed the firm to outsource funds from an established financial institution. First Magnus Financial Corporation is among the top privately operated mortgage companies in the US.

Lubar has also ventured into other businesses besides mortgage banking and real estates. He took advantage of the period when the mortgage sector experienced a shortage in the number of loan acquisitions and invested in other businesses. For instance, in 2007, he invested in the commercial demolition and scrap metal recycling sectors.

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Betsy DeVos is the archetype of the 21st century American woman. She wears many hats including: businesswoman and philanthropist, in addition to being a renowned political campaigner. Her contribution to the Republican Party has largely been centered around advocacy of school choice through voucher programs. In alignment with her Reformed Christian values, she believes that children of all income levels should have access to quality education.

Political Ties

Betsy was a Republican National Committeewoman in Michigan serving from 1992 to 1997. She was also deemed chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party from 1996 to 2000. She would later be put back in the post in 2003. During this time DeVos developed a passion for education reform that never ended. Being an advocate of the Detroit charter school system, working with the Foundation for Excellence in Education, she has hoped to promote better education and diversity. She has also worked as chairwoman of the board on projects for the Alliance for School Choice and Acton Institute. In addition to all these accomplishments she has worked on projects with All Children Matter PAC.

In her role as chairman of the American Federation for Children (AFC), the nation’s top educational choice advocacy group, Betsy is considered to be at the forefront in American educational reform. As a result of her work, there are over one million children in schools that would have previously been inaccessible to them. The couple is clearly a team concerned for education reform en masse.

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Personal Life

Betys is married to the former CEO of multi-level marketing company Amway, Dick DeVos. DeVos’s father is the billionaire and Amway co-founder Richard DeVos. Her brother is Erik Prince, a public figure with a successful business history.

DeVos has also been championed by Donald Trump to serve as Secretary of Education in his administration. Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation was launched in 1989, the foundation’s aim being, according to its website, to work in a faith based objective to cultivate the growth and transformation in five areas: arts, community, justice, and leadership. As of 2015, the DeVos Foundation was valued at $11.6 million in charitable contributions, pinning the couple’s charitable works at $139 million. Forbes has also ranked the DeVos family as one of the highest contributors to charity.

The couple mainly contribute to Christian organizations and private schools, half of the organization’s funds going to Christian organizations from 1999 to 2014. The DeVos couple have also been involved in Michigan’s Foundation for Traditional Values; Center for Individual Rights; Focus on the Family, operated by James Dobson; Institute for Justice; Center for Individual Rights. The couple have also made significant contributions to right to life organizations serving the needs of pro-life advocates. Visit her website:

The comparative law can be described as the analysis and study of the different types of law in existence around the world. Some of the various types of law are common law, civil law, Chinese law, and Hindu law. Comparative law compares them and looks at the similarities and differences between these legal systems. The field has grown in importance. It informs other fields of law such as socioeconomic law and law for economics today. Sujit Choudhry is recognized as one of the foremost experts in comparative law and constitutional building. Choudhry obtained his first degree from McGill University after graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree. Choudhry went on to attend the University of Oxford where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Law. He then joined the University of Oxford where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Law.

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Sujit Choudhry started working at the Supreme Court of Canada under the Chief Justice as a law clerk. He returned to school after a year to pursue his Master’s degree at Harvard. Choudhry returned to the University of Toronto as an assistant professor of law in 1999 after graduating from Harvard. Choudhry held this position for five years until his promotion in 2004 to an associate professor of law with tenure. Choudhry was appointed the Scholl Chair of the faculty of law at the University in 2006. Choudhry worked at NYU as the global visiting professor of law for four months in 2008. He joined the New York University as the Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law three years later. It was while he was at NYU that Choudhry started the Center for Constitutional Transitions where he serves as the founding director. The center mobilizes researchers from around the globe to collaborate on projects and then come up with policies from the results that they get from the projects. Visit this related site.


Choudhry was appointed the I. Michael Heyman professor of law and the dean of the school of law at the University of California, Berkeley in 2014. He served as the dean of the school for two years until 2016. He is credited with launching a couple of initiatives in line with his agenda of access, globalization, innovation, and service. He has written and co-authored several books such as “The Migration of Constitutional Ideas,” “Constitutional Design for Divided Societies,” and “The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution.” The books are very popular in the legal field because of the credibility of Choudhry and his expertise in the field.  For added reference click

Education is the key the key to a successful career and productive life. Parents all over the world are focusing on education as a tool to champion for literacy and economic fulfillment. United States of America is one such country where parents are investing in quality education system for their children. As a result, many notable personalities in the education system have emerged and are contributing positively towards successful education system, Betsy DeVos is a philanthropist and a business woman who is investing in different educational sectors. In addition, she is contributing a lot of money that goes towards helping needy students’ access education. She is also a political personality that has held different Republican Party positions in Michigan. Betsy DeVos was born in 1958 and grew up in Michigan where she later graduated from Calvin College with a degree in political science and business administration. This is qualification that has contributed to his immense success in the business and education sectors. Betsy is instrumental in the education system of the US especially where she contributed in enacting educational policies that are seen to benefit every student. As an investor, she is the chairman of The Windquest Group which is an investment management firm in Michigan the firm is helping business development and establishment in the entire state of Michigan. Here, business people and investment personalities receive training and advice on how to conduct businesses to reach economic maturity.

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Betsy DeVos is very active in politics and was elected the chairman of Michigan Republican Party. She has over 35years experience in political field and has contributed in the donation and raising of campaign money for many candidates. Her passion in the education field has earned her a position in the American federation of Children which is mandated with ensuring every child has received education despite here economic status. Betsy has served and will continue serving on many board of directors’ form many organizations in the entire United States of America. She is a happy mother married to an international recognized philanthropist and entrepreneur with four children. Follow her on Twitter.

After the recently concluded election, Betsy DeVos has been nominated as the cabinet secretary for education. This is because of her contribution in the education industry that United States of America Donald trump saw her fit to transform the education sector. She has received positive and warm welcome from specially parents across the world who view her as the only person that can bring change in the industry. Parents are attributing the current education system in the US as failing there students who graduate without proper skills. As such, parents are recognizing her nomination as the only capable candidate to change the status quo in education. Betsy DeVos is the best fitted candidate to transform the education system.

Eric Lefkofsky is a wealthy and intelligent business entrepreneur who grew up in Southfield, Michigan, with an engineering father and a teaching mother. Investing in smaller companies and businesses, shortly after just graduating with a degree in law from the University of Michigan Law School, Lefkofsky was definitely a busy student graduate and successful businessman at a young age. But something that was on Lefkofsky’s heart was using technology to help combat cancer. And thus the successful research company Tempus was born. was co-founded by Eric, and is a company that helps with the delivery of the physician’s process with personalized cancer care. Tempus has services that gives physicians and researchers the opportunities to analyze therapeutic and molecular data, which gives them the opportunity to draw accurate, data specified conclusions. One of Tempus’s goals is to help physicians be able to confidently analyze data and to have the technology and space to be able to do so. Going along with that, having the available technology and research equipment needed allows the physicians to spend more times in the hospital and doctor’s offices with their patients and less time in the labs. While the Tempus labs deal directly with the technology and tools, as well as work, of the physicians, Tempus is geared towards conquering cancer alongside it’s patients. Tempus is just the fighting, behind the scenes work. Overall, Tempus makes the doctors’ lives a little less hectic and gives them the tools and abilities to make solid conclusions and draw data based research. Click for related articles.

What is Eric Lefkofsky’s role in all of this? Besides be the co-founder of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky currently works as the CEO of Tempus. After researching and creating much himself, Eric was the brains behind an operating system that battles cancer. While the main job for Eric is already completed (planting and rooting the company), he still works alongside Tempus today to help reach the goal he had in his mind when he first started the company: Using the technology and tools we have today to help treat those (effectively and efficiently)that struggle with cancer. Click for more details.




When it comes to being involved in a wide range of projects, Jason Hope is no exception. Whether it’s business related or philanthropic in nature, this guy just knows how to get things done. Jason Hope epitomizes the word progressive and he’s done many positive things during his professional career.

Technology has always been Hope’s first love. This strong passion has allowed him to become an important figure in technology development. With a remarkable educational background in business, Hope has parlayed his knowledge into big profits. He has a MBA as well as a Finance Degree in Degree from Arizona State University.

Technology has always been a fascination for Hope from a young age thanks to it’s ability to reach a much larger segment of people. This was his aspirations and soon it would be his reality. His ability to sell premium text messages is what put the ball in motion since mobile technology has become so huge over the past 16 years. The self founded Jawa Mobile Communications Company helped to make a name for him and from there it was all uphill. Biotechnology has always been an interest and hope has pledged up to half a million dollars to the SENS Research Foundation. The organization specializes in the treatments and finding cures for age related diseases.

Jason Hope also has strong ties to other non-profit organizations that specialize in disease cure and education. He’s deep rooted into helping others, which has given him the title of being a Philanthropist. Either way you look at it, Jason Hope has done his part when it comes to business and the ability to help others. Who knows what the future will hold, but with this guy on the scene, it’s outlook is much more promising.

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If you’re in business you need a good business lawyer. Planning is an integral part of business organization development and necessitates expert support of a business lawyer. An experienced attorney can serve to help you by offering legal advice and other legal services, leading to a comprehensive business enterprise plan that fits your needs and goals.

Most business disputes include breach of contract claims by one company or the other. Breach of contract is not something to be handled lightly.

Breach of contract actions take different forms, including breach of partnership arrangements, breach of purchase and sale contracts, shareholder disputes, breach of warranty actions, lease disputes, disputes among members of limited liability business, breach of non-compete agreements, breach of attorney-client fee agreements, breach of employment arrangements, breach of promissory notes, and general commercial litigation.

You should find an attorney that you are comfortable communicating with as early into your business enterprise venture as you can. Getting a legal counsel that you know and can rely on will give you confidence should anything come up that you would require a legal representative’s help.

A company or corporate legal adviser is going to keep in mind the size of your business organization, how to be most cost effective to you and the complexity of time issues. A good business or corporate attorney will be able to really help you negotiate deals, suggest different structure that will better serve you and enable you set up a better plan for your business or project.

Ricardo Tosto can assist set you up for success when you are new to the business organization industry. Ricardo Tosto already served to help to establish many growing enterprises, and he can help you build a prosperous business by ensuring that you comply with applicable legislation.

Ricardo Tosto also offers help with business organization dissolution when necessary. Ricardo is a powerful negotiator as well as a great trial lawyer. He has achieved excellence in courtrooms throughout Brazil and is known all over the world due to his unique litigation strategy.

U.S. prison communications giant Securus Technologies has made the final round of the Stevie Awards. While they may not win, at this point they are ensured at least a Bronze Award. This is a difficult feat, as they were in the running with thousands of other companies, all vying for the coveted final slot and an award that recognizes the absolute top companies in the country for customer service and product excellence. Making it to the final round marks a victory for Securus, which has seen its star rise like a rocket over the past decade.



Securus blazes trails with its VoIP lineup


Securus was first to market in the mid-2000s with a full line of VoIP-based telecommunications solutions for the nation’s prisons. Slow to catch on, the industry eventually fell head-over-heels for the new technology, which could slash costs to tiny fractions of those of the old system.


With the spread of VoIP, it quickly became clear that there were far broader horizons for the technology than just providing an alternative to outrageously expensive collect calls. Soon, Securus had rolled out its game-changing video visitation system. This high tech solution provided a cost-effective alternative to the dreaded weak link in prison security: the in-person visitation. Visitations had caused a laundry list of problems including introduction of contraband, violation of no-contact orders, assaults on staff and even visitors being subjected to invasive searches.


Video visitation eliminated all of these headaches while saving inmates and their families thousands of dollars a year in the costs associated with visiting the prison in person. On top of that, the extremely low average costs of video visitations have allowed inmates to stay in face-to-face contact with their loved ones on an almost constant basis.


Securus won’t rest on its laurel. It continues rolling out product and looks forward to an exciting 2017.