When it pertains to WEN hair, it is clear that the people are quite happy. A lot of people are buying it and they are loving the fact there is a product out there that is able to work as a shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment all-in-one. It is affordable, effective, and it gets the job done. It is rare that a product actually lives up to the hype, but that is most certainly the case with Wen by Chaz. Hair-care lovers from across the world have fallen in love with it and they can’t enough of it and they are buying it buy the boatload.

It has also received great reviews online as well from journalists/bloggers that have tried out a ton of products. Since they have tried out so many products, they know what is good and what is worth the time of the customer. They are not being paid to say anything good or promote the product. Because of this, they are speaking strictly from their own personal point of view. It makes it a lot easier to trust them. Emily McClure of gave a wonderful review of the product over seven days, and that can read right here:

The great thing about her review is how in-depth she went with it and the amount of details that went into her review. She left nothing to chance and even showed photos as well. It was a full seven-day review of the product on her fine hair and she shared the results as well as photos. After seven days, she noticed more bounce in her hair and she was a lot more confident. It is always great when a product can have that type of impact on someone’s hair and their self esteem, but that is what Wen by Chaz does.

More hair care tips and product information available on WEN hair Facebook page and Twitter account.

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Comedy has been one of the most popular movie genres since the beginning of movie making history. Some titles in the genre are simply a cut above the rest and stand as the funniest movies ever. While everyone you ask will have a differing opinion on the best, there are some that make almost every list.


The Big Lebowski will always be one of the most iconic movies of all time. Generations for years to come will enjoy the delightfully funny tale. While The Big Lebowski was not a box office hit, it grew a huge fan base over time and is now considered a cult classic and one of the greatest movies of all time.


Anchorman, the hilarious movie starring Will Ferrell and a host of other comedians who went on to be wildly successful, was just too ridiculous to not be good. It’s almost shocking that a movie involving a scene where a dog gets punted off a bridge by Jack Black could be such a huge hit.


Office Space may not be the first title that comes to mind, but it certainly is once you’re reminded it exists. Following the shenanigans of a man who is fed up with his menial desk job, some of its scenes surely stand out. Still popular today it lives on in infamy due, in part, to the ever popular meme it generated.

Super Troopers stands as one of the best funny cop movies, and there aren’t a ton that can be classified into that genre.  But the irreverent humor, and hilarious situations make this a must view, and really enhance it’s overall rewatchability.

Happy Gilmore deserves a spot on this list, no matter how we all collectively feel about Adam Sandler. Typical to Sandler’s style, it follows a rather angry slacker who accidentally stumbles upon greatness.

Fashion and technology are highly interesting areas. Throughout the years, the two industries have evolved together. Fashion and technology have been observed to take their roles interchangeably. After some time, technology tends to become fashionable. Similarly, fashion tends to become technological. One needs to explore the past and current trends to understand the relationship between fashion and technology.


Early in the 70s, there was an increased excitement that came about as a result of the introduction of the boom box. It allowed users to listen to their favorite stations freely. After the technology, advancement came cassette decks that could play two cassettes. The advancement gave people the ability to hear record music at the same time it played. The boom box became even popular after it was included in movies. Future advancements in technology saw the introduction of the Walkman in the 90s. During this time, music had become a more personal experience. The Walkman device gained popularity, and many people purchased it. Early in the 21st century saw the introduction of the iPod. It was a music device that was highly portable. All these scenarios in technology show that advances in technology tend to go with what people consider fashionable.


In his article on the relationship between Fashion and Technology, Chris Burch expounds that these two trends are highly interdependent. Many investors and designers take in account insight from fashion to create products. Burch added that the recent examples of the interrelationship show the dependence of the running shoe and the kinetic energy generator. These two things are completely separate but share a common fashion venture.


About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is someone with a passion for productivity and creativity. He is the founder and the current Chief Executive Officer of Creative Capital. He assisted in the founding of other companies such as Tory Burch LLC and C. Wonder. Mr. Burch has an impressive and long record of being an entrepreneur and investor. He made his first investment in 1976. That marked the start of his career while still an undergraduate at Ithaca College.


Throughout the years, Chris Burch has built his experience as an entrepreneur and investor. He has amassed about 40 years in the financial industry. He has played a huge role in the leadership and success of over 50 companies. When it comes to innovation and impact, Chris has a long and impressive record. After completion his undergraduate studies at Ithaca College, he started a company and grew it to over $100 million.


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Buying a property to rent in Panama should not be considered as a passive investment as it is in other countries. According to Adrian Velasquez Jose Figueroa, the real estate industry in a Panama is different from other countries. If you want to buy a property, it is recommended you seek advisors of property management firms in the country. They clearly understand the industry and there are high chances of buying a property that will earn you profit. On this article, we have compiled some tips to help you buy property to rent in Panama.

Whenever buying a property in Panama, it’s recommended you buy the property below the market price on Tumblr. Property prices are not stable, and sometimes you may fail to get profit if the property is for rent. Property brokers can help you determine the best price for a property.

The price of properties in Panama differs with locations and doing research on which are the best location to buy property for rent is recommended by Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. Most of the condos rented in Panama are high end and their owners target tourists. Choosing a location where there are lots of tourists can be a good idea.

Reading and ensuring you understand the property laws for Panama is highly recommended on

Ensuring that public and privates services that required by people are available in the area is recommended. It should be done before buying the property.

Inspecting the construction quality of the property you are buying. This helps you to determine the price of the property and ensure the property is worth the selling price. In most cases, a repair is required after buying a property and doing a valuation of the repairs needed to encourage.

Before the purchase of property in Panama, you should do a thorough analysis of the real estate market prices to determine the best price you can offer for a property.

If you aren’t living within the area of your property, you should ensure that there is someone who is taking care of the property to avoid inconveniences.

Adrian Velasquez Jose Figueroa is a successful businessman who has dealt with property markets in Panama for a quite a while. Jose is a native Venezuela and serves in three positions in five different companies in Panama. These positions include Treasurer, Director, and President. Jose has served in these three positions for over four years now. He is a conspicuous member of the business community in Panama. His career in real estate business is a success. See:

Leading video communications company Talk Fusion received the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation for their revolutionary Video Chat product on August 15. Talk Fusion offers amazing video communications software along with a unique business opportunity to work for a company that provides top service as well as a stellar work environment. The company was created by Bob Reina who boasts 20 years in the network marketing industry. He has received numerous recognitions for his stellar company as well as for his amazing charitable donations. His products offer clients a unique and easy way to promote anything online through video email, video newsletters, e-subscriptions and video auto responders, video blogs and a wide array of community help to keep clients in the know.

Each year the Technology Marketing Corporation honors a product or service they find to have the ability to exceptionally create a way for people to use voice, data, and video communications in marketing. This year, they found Talk Fusion and their Video Chat service to be worthy of such a prestigious award. They noted that Talk Fusion is a true leader in the industry and their product represents some of the top products available in the market.

Through the power of WebRTC technology, Video Chat creates a way for users to communicate through video with anyone anywhere on nearly any device available. The app for the product is currently available in both the Google Play store and iTunes.

Founder and CEO Bob Reina stated that this is simply the beginning for the company. His company’s IT team is working on major plans for the future of their All-In-One Video Marketing Solutions and they are dedicating to staying on the top of their game because that defines what Talk Fusion is ultimately about.


In the movie Unnatural Causes, a company did some research. They gave an African American and a white male the same resume except the white male had a felony on his record. Despite the felony, he was still hired more than the African American. Diversant, the largest minority owned IT firm in the United States is looking to change all of that for their industry. Being nationally certified as a minority owned business, this gives them the unique advantage of being able to use their knowledge in order to develop programs that are unique and empowering to the workforce and the community. Their core values include respect for others, disciplined teamwork, and professional development. The company recently won the supplier of the year award by the Eastern Minority Supplier Development Council. They have locations in ten different areas including Texas, California, and their headquarters in New Jersey.

A well-known Chairman of Diversant is John Goullet. Goullet went to school at Ursinus College in Philadelphia where he graduated in 1983. He started out as an IT consultant and in 1994 he created Info Technologies, a company that focused on staffing IT employees for Fortune 500 companies all throughout the United States. Seeing that the company could use an innovative focus, fifteen years after his company started, in February 2010, he merged with Diversant, LLC. and formed a company under the same name.

He focuses his energies in a way that is productive to both himself and his company, working at Diversant from eight am to six pm. He pays attention to the labor market in order to make sure the company is focused on bringing ideas to life. This was how he got his start almost twenty-four years ago when he realized there was a need for a company like his. He also notes that the feeling that the competitor is on his heels helps him to make the company one of the best in the nation.

Given Goullet’s hard work, Diversant and all of his other future endeavors are sure to be a win-win for everyone involved.

Memorial Health’ health care system is cash constrained. Recently, Maggie Gill confirmed this concern to the hospital’s board. The hospital’s president/CEO made the prediction several months ago. This loss of money has been caused by the changes in the health care environment.
In the recent past, Gill presented the board with some good news. The campaign that the CEO established in July has enabled the firm to save $12.6 million in just five months. The Pathway to Excellence campaign hopes to save a total of $20 million by next July. The savings will enable the health provider to operate as a going concern even during economic hardships. A huge part this savings comes from Premier Inc, Memorial health’s health care improvement company based in Charlotte, N.C. The company has saved over $7.6 million.
In the recent past, the company has been facing financial problems. However, this issue worsened this year when the government announced reductions in its reimbursements for medical care. This change has contributed to the shortage of cash at the hospital. The facility receives a high number of patients who are unable to pay their bills. It is estimated that 1 in 3 patients that visits the hospital cannot settle their medical bills. The hospital’s board has appealed to deep-pocketed partners to step in and ensure that the hospital continues to offer quality and critical health care services to all patients. This information was originally reported on Savannah Now’s website.
This year, Memorial Health is expected to make an operating loss of $28.7 million. This situation has forced Gill to formulate a new management plan. It involves retooling the company’s course over the next 18 months to ensure that the firm does not go under.
About Maggie Gill
Maggie Gill, MBA has been in the hospital since 2011. Previously, she was the chief operating officer at Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) where she had been working since 2005. At MUMC, she was charged with the duty of enhancing stewardship to other leaders at the hospital, including senior vice presidents, vice presidents, and physicians. In addition, Maggie managed government relations, internal audits, physician relations, and other services offered by the facility.
Formerly, Gill worked for Tenet South Florida Health as the chief financial officer. Here, she earned the Tenet Outstanding CFO award thrice. During her time in office, Maggie worked with hospitals such as Coral Gables Hospital, North Shore Medical Center, and Palmetto General Hospital. Gill holds a Bachelor’s degree from the renowned Florida State University. In addition, she earned her MBA from Saint Leo University.

Investment firms have a great understanding of the financial industry. There are many reasons why investment firms are excellent at understanding the financial industry. One of the reasons is that investment firms are a core component of the financial industry. Investment firms follow the trends of the entire financial industry to help determine what investments and the type of investments are producing the best results. In addition, investment firms understand what can affect the performance of investments.

Many investors who like to invest prefer to use investment firms to handle their investments. The main reason is because most investment firms tend to perform much better with investments than the average investor. Also, investment firms work in the financial industry, and investment firms work with investments all the time. Investment firms are in a great position to make the most potential return for investors.

As a result of being very good at selecting and developing investment products, investment firms usually seek out investors for the investments that are provided through the investment firms. The type of investor that investment firms usually try to attract are investors with a lot of money. This is obvious for a variety of reasons. Investment firms want investors who have a lot of money to invest because the more money investors have to invest means the investment firms can make more money on the investments.

One of the investment firms that has done extremely well in the financial industry is Forefront Capital. The firm has numerous high performing investments. The CEO of Forefront Capital is Brad Reifler. As the CEO, Brad Reifler has produced great results for the firm. Brad Reifler has a great reputation in the financial industry as a savvy CEO who understands the financial industry.

In recent years, Brad Reifler has changed his approach on the type of investor that Forefront Capital seeks out regarding investments. The firm still primarily focuses on investors with a lot of money. However, Brad Reifler is also starting to offer investments to people without a lot of money. Investors without a lot of money can invest much smaller amounts of money in the investments that Forefront Capital provides to this type of investor. This allows investors without a lot of money to still be able to invest in high producing investments through Forefront Capital.

Securus Technologies is an information technology firm located in Dallas, Texas. The company is most known for its ability to offer high-quality and reliable communication and security products individuals in a niche market. The meaning for Securus is to provide these services to individuals currently serving time within the United States prison system, as well as employees of locations such as prisons, sales, and other areas within the justice system. Securus was recently mentioned online, as they plan on promoting a host of their products to hopefully attract more customers to their corporation. The highlight of the promotion is there free downloadable application for both Apple and Android devices, which allows customers to communicate through seamless streaming video conferencing technology.


Inmates and their family members are able to use the software suite to communicate directly with one another, making it possible for them to ignore the traditional forms of visitation. Instead of having to drive long distances in order to see one another, family members of inmates are not able to Simply log into the application on a reliable Wi-Fi connection and see them face to face instead of having to worry about the inconvenience of physical visitation.


There is no doubt that the promotion of this high-efficiency product will allow Securus to generate a higher flow of customers and revenue in the near future. New customers will be able to enjoy the well-known Securus Technologies product line, loyal customers who have been already using Securus and rely on their products will continue to do so knowing that their services will be continuously updated and checked on.


Eric Pulier’s innovations are quite important in the educational field, and I learned of his work long ago. He gave devices to some of my kids, and these kids became quite good at school once they possessed the one thing that made their lives easier. This article explains how the work done by Eric Pulier has made learning simple for school children.

#1: What Is The Purpose Of Educational Technology?

Educational technology helps kids when they have learning deficiencies, and they often need a special piece technology that helps them get through their work. These children are desperate to learn, and their desperation extends to their need to graduate. Eric helped them graduate, and I asked for help from Eric.

#2: Eric Once Brought Around His Own Technology

Eric brought to us the technology every year that helped our students, and he often assessed them for the needs they had. I wanted my students to perform well in school, and I believe that every kid learned more when they used better technology. It is quite important for children to feel valued, and all my students knew they were valued because of what was done for them when Eric came through the school.

#3: Eric Continues His Work Today

I have watched as Eric has built his enterprise technology empire over the years, and we use that technology in the school system. All system phones are connected using what Eric built for the government, and he sits on the X Prize committee where one of my students may present one day. It is as if Eric is everywhere in technology, and he is watching over the industry in the best of ways. I enjoy knowing that we once knew him here, and he still does good work today.

Our society would not function without enterprise technology as every business or government division uses what he created, and I enjoy seeing the fruits of a man who thinks of people first. I quite enjoy the way that students learn with technology because their disabilities go out the window when their learning environment changes.

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