*A Closer Look at Drew Madden:

Drew Madden is a well known Health Care IT Specialist. Mr. Madden is devoted to his profession and he believes in establishing a strong company presence. In addition, developing long term business based relationships is the key to success especially within the IT business. For over a decade Drew Madden has been optimizing special EMR and other projects, building reliable business relationships and utilizing his technical skills to the fullest.

Drew Madden has over seven years experience as President of Nordic Consulting Partners. Nordic Consulting Partners is an hi tech consulting firm is headquartered out of Madison Wisconsin. Mr. Madden has a variety of responsibilities that are critical to the organizations success. Therefore, Drew Madden must use his expert knowledge and business development skill when he is recruiting new IT Personnel. In addition, Mr. Madden must create effective business development strategies so that the company continues to expand and develop new creative concepts.

Under Drew Madden’s direction, Nordic experienced an substantial increase in gross revenue within the 2015-2016 fiscal year. In addition, the organization experienced exceptional growth on a national as well as international level while under the direction and guidance of Drew Madden.

Previously, Drew Madden was employed by an organization called Ingenix. Drew Madden held a position as an Epic Consultant during his tenure with Ingenix. Ingenix is an organization directly related to United Health Care. Mr. Madden was responsible for creating medical solutions for a variety of in house patients.

*Previous Experience & Educational Background:

Drew Madden was promoted from Epic Consultant to a Business Development Manager within a two year period. Ingenix was called Healthia Consulting until their merger in 2008. Following a merger the organization changed its name to Ingenix. Drew Madden received several Employee recognition awards while employed by Ingenix. mr. Madden was continually recognized for his exceptional management and organizational skills.

Drew Madden graduated from Iowa College of Engineering. He received his BSE in Industrial Engineering from Iowa College. The college is geared toward those seeking careers within the Biomedical Sciences as well as Engineering.

On a recent forum, Clay Siegall stated that stated that Seattle Genetics is an emerging global multi-product Oncology institution. The reason behind the statement lies in the long list of products the company has under development and the already developed ones that are in the market. Seattle Genetics, unlike other companies, is focused on creating a great enterprise rather than branding itself as a significant biotech company, a mistake most firms in the industry does.

Siegall’s ambition goes way beyond running a biotech company that focuses on drug development. Currently, he is hoping to expand Seattle Genetics services to cover and handle the complexities that arise in international marketing of new medication the company is now developing.

The move by Seattle Genetics comes as a surprise to many as earlier in the year; they sold its international commercial rights to a different company. The powers they sold to Takeda Oncology was done for the sole purpose of raising sufficient capital to fund the research of Adcetris.

On learning about international markets through his partnership with Takeda Oncology, Siegall decided to set up an office in Switzerland with the purpose of enabling Seattle genetics to carry out its independent international marketing.

To demonstrate Seattle genetics commitment to the global market, Siegall offered a bid back in February to acquire the international rights that will enable his company to commercialize a particular cancer drug which has been developed by Immunomedics, a biotech firm from New Jersey. The bid Siegall made is valued at $2 billion.

Due to the ongoing struggle for the control of the Immunomedics board, the court ruled that the deal could not be closed, this led to Siegall withdrawing his bid in May. Even though things didn’t turn out as expected, the efforts made to acquiring international rights signals Seattle Genetics dedication to using the knowledge they have gained in Oncology to produce and develop new drugs for the global market. Seattle Genetics has 11 drugs under development, four of them have a potential for immediate sales, stated Siegall.

Clay Siegall is the current president of Seattle Genetics; he also serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. At Seattle Genetics, Siegall is the chairman of the board of directors. He co-founded Seattle Genetics back in 1998. Under his leadership for almost two decades, Seattle Genetics has created a diverse Pipeline of cancer therapies based on the use of antibodies. One such antibody-based treatment is the ADCETRIS which in 2011 got an accelerated approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

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When Quality and Professionalism Mean Something

Offering superior care to those that have need of assistance in their everyday activities and lives is a challenge in itself. Many times, healthcare facilities may not be up to standards; however, at Sussex Healthcare Senor Living Facility, Care Centre and Support Services, the administration and support staff take personal patient attention to the maximum level obtainable.

Some Of The Services Provided By Our Facilities:

Senior Care

Providing a safe, comfortable environment to stimulate an individual’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social interactivity, Sussex Healthcare makes this the focal point of their philosophy. In addition, offering respite daycare and residential care, specialized programs for handcrafts, music, movement, cookery and therapies focusing in the areas of art and music, Sussex has shown its propensity to help stimulate mental acumen and clarity.

Dementia Care

With a person-driven care approach, ongoing activities for learning and stimulating development are offered to all. In addition, a 24-hour nursing staff is also part of the healthcare landscape.

On-site activities include specially customed programs similar to those offered seniors care, PMLD care and neurological charges.


With an expert eye on those with learning disabilities or physical disabilities, we take pride in our facilities, equipment and highly skilled staff. For those with profound multiple disabilities, en-suite rooms with patient track hoisting are readily available.

Neurological Care

Among the many neurological diseases addressed by Sussex Healthcare are found Huntington’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson Disease and some forms of brain injuries.

Not lacking in in-house physiotherapists, physiotherapy assistants and speech therapists, Sussex also offers outstanding spa and hydrotherapy pools with 24-hour nursing care as well.

Palliative Care

For those found to be chronically or terminally ill, local specialty services support the Gold Standard Framework for End of Life Care approach with compassion and control of pain being its focal point.

A Little Background Information

Beginning with only one home in 1985, Sussex Healthcare now has over 580 beds. Further expansion came in 2002 with a focus of recognising that leisure, social and recreational activities are vital to a person’s overall good health.

That being said, Sussex Healthcare is today a leading provider of residential and nursing care just outside Horsham in the West Sussex region.

Awards And Noted Recognition

Adding to the prestige of Sussex Healthcare, on Friday 18 Jul 2014, Sussex achieved an Investors in People accreditation after having gone through a rigid and demanding assessment as to their level of performance.

Whether an elderly person, or a physically or mentally challenged person, only a high standard of care to our charges is provided making certain the right resources are on hand at all times.

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Fabletics is growing, and people want to know more about this company. It has become a major player in athletic clothing, but many people are still trying to sort out the details of what it is all about. Kate Hudson has plans to clear up many of the ambiguities that are part of the Fabletics brand. People that have no idea what the automated shipments are about are going to get a better chance to hear more about this.

Sales reps that are working in stores are going to be able to tell customers that shop at Fabletics about the style profile and how they can get automatic shipments. This is all part of the plan that Kate Hudson has for opening more new stores. She knows that customers can get a much better feel of this VIP membership when someone is explaining everything to them. This will be one of the perks of opening more new stores.

Another thing that makes her excited about new stores is the amount of coverage that she will be able to get. New stores attract more customers. Prior to her plans to open 100 of these stores there were not a lot of these locations in existence. There were only about a dozen of the Fabletics branded stores for people to get connected to. Now it appears that a lot more customers are going to be shopping offline because they have access to a physical location.

Kate Hudson realized that she has the potential to attract millions of other users that may have never done any online shopping with Fabletics. This is a bright spot in her plan, and it shows that she is planning to gain more attention for her work ethic. Fans that know anything about Kate Hudson is aware that she is someone that is passionate about Fabletics. When people see her on talk shows now this is her focus. She is less inclined to take on movie roles because she knows that her real work is now as the representative for this company.

People that know about the work ethic that she has will not deny that Hudson is going far beyond what people may have assumed. She has accomplished some spectacular things with Fabletics, and it appears that she is just getting started. More people are going to take a look at this company because they have become curious. Kate Hudson has brought a lot of attention to this brand by giving it her personal touch and more people want to continue to see her favorite pics and the clothes that she is bringing to this company.

There’s also a great amount of anticipation about the footwear that is becoming part of the Fabletics brand. Many people have not heard of this before, but Fabletics is picking up the pace with a whole new product line. Now that people have access to footwear on the Fabletics website they have everything they could need for their workout wardrobe.

Getting plastic surgery done is a decision that is done after a lot of contemplation, and it is tough for anyone to get through the process. However, with the help of an experienced and expert plastic surgeon, the process becomes much more comfortable. One of the most reputed and skilled plastic surgeons in the United States is Dr. Jennifer Walden.

She has been featured as a commentator on cosmetic and plastic surgery on many popular TV shows and channels, including VH1, ABC News, Fox News, and more. Dr. Jennifer Walden has even featured on the list of 24 Best Plastic Surgeons by Harper’s Bazaar in 2014. She is a board-certified plastic surgeon and is affiliated with the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Jennifer Walden specializes in breast augmentation, lip augmentation, liposuction, nose lift, facelift, Botox, soft tissue fillers, skin cancer treatment, and more. She has done her graduation and post graduation in medical science from the Medical Branch of Galveston, University of Texas. Over the years, she has carried out some plastic surgeries successfully and has helped the patients transform their personal appearance as per their preferences. Dr. Jennifer Walden keeps herself updated about the latest advancements in the field of plastic surgery and carries out the processes as per the newest treatment procedures followed across the globe. It helps in getting accurate results with minimal pain and side-effects.

Dr. Jennifer Walden started her medical practice in the field of plastic surgery at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She practiced in the New York City for nearly a decade before moving with her family to Austin, Texas. She is the co-writer of the book on plastic surgery named Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Jennifer Walden discusses in details with her patients as to what they are looking for from plastic surgery to ensure the treatment is aligned accordingly.



Dr. Mark McKenna is a physician who specializes in surgery. He is currently licensed in the states of Georgia and Florida. Over the course of his career, Mark has been known to be a passionate advocate for Mark’s  patients. This has resulted in enabling him to establish a reputation as a top surgeon. Along with being a surgeon, Mark has spent a number of years in entrepreneurship. In the year 2005, Mark started up a real estate development firm and a mortgage lending company. These businesses were very successful and allowed Mark to make valuable contributions to his community. Prior to starting up his entrepreneurial ventures, Mark attended and graduated from Tulane University. At this university, he completed his medical education. After finishing up medical school, Mark practiced medicine with his father.

Mark was experiencing a lot of success with his real estate mortgage businesses for a number of years. However, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005 and destroyed his business interests. Despite suffering this setback, Mark would look to help the area recover by participating in a number of redevelopment projects. He helped build a number of low to moderate income housing units to help individuals get quality housing after the storm. Two years later in 2007, Mark moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he would start up ShapeMed which was a healthcare practice which specialized in aesthetics and wellness. Along with starting up this practice, Dr. McKenna would become the Medical Director of Life Time Fitness. About ten years later and recently in 2016, Mark founded OVME which would be a company that provides a number of medical aesthetic services.

Mark founded OVME after participating in medical aesthetics for a number of years while he was practicing as a surgeon. When he gets up, Mark spends his days working for many hours along with training in JiuJitsu. He spends time with his wife and daughter on a regular basis when he has downtime from his work. In terms of achieving success in business, Mark says that getting people smarter than him as well as reading enable him to reach his potential. During his career Mark has been a member of organizations such as the Entrepreneurs Organization, the New Orleans Jazz Festival and the New Orleans Industrial Development Board.

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For The Brown Agency, the models they have are their best assets. They know they are important so the company does what they can to keep them as happy as possible. They also try to ensure the models are getting all the jobs they want so they don’t have to worry about the issues that typically come with being models. For people who work in the modeling industry, this is something that makes it easier for people to get more jobs and to have the best experiences possible. The Brown Agency always contributes to the success of the models by getting them into contact with the best jobs available. Unlike other agencies, they don’t put immense pressure on the models, they don’t try to make things hard on them and they never put their own models against each other. They want the models to feel like they are a part of a family so they can have a safe place to always come back to.

Some of the agencies have a lot of pressure behind them. They want their models to have a certain look and they will do anything they can to maintain that. Because of this, models often end up getting burnt out on the modeling career after a short period of time. This makes things harder for them so they have to rely on the different things the agency has to offer them. It also makes it difficult for people who want to be models but also live their own lives while they are doing different things.

Another common practice that agencies sometimes use is making models go to calls that they may not get. The modeling agency knows the models don’t stand a chance at the job, but they continue to send them because they think it gives them the experience they need to go on different calls. This is not the case with the Brown Agency. They want their models to be confident in who they are so they send them to things they are qualified for. This doesn’t mean the models are guaranteed to get the jobs they try for, but it does help make a difference for all the models.

Since the Brown Agency wants their models to be confident in who they are and who they work for, the Brown Agency does what they can to ensure they are going to make things better for them. They don’t want models to have to compete with each other if they are able to avoid it. Because the models need to have a chance at jobs, they will usually only send one of their models to each of the things they can try out so they don’t compete with someone from the same agency. You can visit


George Soros, the name rings many bells. Businessman, democrat, philanthropist. George Soros is many things in the great country of America.

George Soros has put more money into the economy and donated more to multiple charities philanthropies than many people can claim to have done. He has put many resources toward promoting the democratic ideals our nation stands for. His contribution to the planet is miraculous. Some of the industries he has contributed to include health, education, and worldwide humanitarianism. He has gone the extra mile to forward the efforts of greatness peace.

George Soros has a main foundation that he uses to make these amazing contributions. This foundation is called George Soros’s Open Society Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to finding people who are marginalized, oppressed, and silenced. He searches for communities he can help worldwide. The foundation is focused on finding those communities which most need his help and he connects with other organizations who share his mission. When he finds an organization he connects with, George Soros will collaborate and research ways to uplift those who need the effort. He works toward this mission day by day, community by community, one place at a time.

George Soros was born in Germany, the son of immigrants. His beginning was bleak and humble. His parents were held captive by Nazis but his family was lucky enough to survive and escape. They had the drive to survive and thrive. In 1947, he moved to England and began a new life where he worked hard as a waiter to put himself through business school. He attended the illustrious London School of Economics. In his drive to succeed, he mailed letters to every investment bank in Europe until he received a reply. His break came in the form of an entry-level position with a major merchant bank in London.

War ravaged Europe. It was a difficult time for all. George Soros took it upon himself to assist in the relief effort donated exorbitant amounts of money to aid those in need. To be exact, he contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to the rebuilding effort. He did this humanitarian deed both during and after the war. He was praised for his excellent efforts. In recent times, George Soros has begun contributing money to social causes and supporting rights for various groups of underrepresented and underprivileged people. He has donated money to the causes of LGBT rights, supporting their movement for equal rights relief from oppression. He has also assisted with disability rights and supported research for cures to major diseases and afflictions. Hospitals and doctors are very grateful for his contributions. Muslims in Europe, international justice and counterterrorism are major focuses which he maintains efforts towards. He believes that all groups are equal and all people should be allowed basic freedoms of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Surely, the world would not as great a place as it is without George Soros. He has contributed so much of his life and so much of his time. Millions of people thank George Soros and Follow him

Rocketship Education is a non-profit charter school organization that is rocking the boat of traditional systems that don’t always work so well in today’s environment. Rocketship goes for the lower-income neighborhoods, although it will work anywhere. The lower echelon of our society doesn’t have the economic advantage of a large tax base to support the robust schools of more affluent areas, so Rocketship comes in and creates better test scores than the richer areas.

Rocketship Education uses the force of incentive to drive interest and excitement. A partnership is formed between teachers, students, parents and the community in order to give each partner a stake in the outcome. Of course the desired outcome is student-oriented and with Rocketship, the students understand that very clearly because it is explained to them.

With the package comes the opportunity for parents to really become empowered within the entire Rocketship Education process. Parents can help in the classroom, become community leaders and ambassadors, and just be there for their children. The partnership works because everyone gets and stays onboard to reach the outcome which is a valued, excellent education for the students.

Rocketship uses a model called “Blended Learning.” This model incorporates traditional classroom settings along with small groups and individualized digital sessions. Individual tutoring also is used with each student to tie up loose ends, answer questions, and let the student grow in stature in his or her own eyes.

Knowledge is useless unless it is put into practice. One of the primary functions of Rocketship is to help students understand the purpose of their education. That purpose is that knowledge is given to be used, otherwise they are simply wasting their time.

When students finish their school year, the next year they have the choice as to whether or not they want to go back to Rocketship or go to the regular public school. They have that choice, and 90 percent choose to come back to Rocketship Education. The results always speak for themselves as the parents and the children know a good thing when they experience it. The test scores tell the tale because when Rocketship students graduate, they are a full year ahead of their peers in the public schools.

After a long period of absence, a foreign private resource firm will be operating in Gulf territories owned by Mexico. The move marks a significant first step in Mexico bringing back privatized business to its water with nearly 80 previous years of monopolizing the region. This latest venture will be a joint operation between Premier Oil and Talos Energy, as well as the state-owned Sierra Oil and Gas company.

The well at the center of the deal is located in the Gulf of Mexico in its Sureste Basin. Talos Energy has been assigned the primary responsibilities in the overall operation and will drill for approximately three months. Together, the three companies bid for the prospect in 2015 and were awarded access as Mexico attempts to drive more value into its underwhelming natural resource economy. The cost of exploration and drilling will cost Premier Oil about $16 million for up to 500 million crude barrels.

As an experienced operator in the region, Talos Energy has extensive knowledge of Gulf terrain and owns a thirty five percent stake in the current venture. The Zama well is of particular interest due to its likelihood for success based on geological factors, and could be the key for Mexico to breathe new life into its energy sector.

Talos Energy is a natural resource company that focuses its efforts on production and exploration of offshore sites. The company’s portfolio includes a massive amount of data that spans thousands of acres of terrain related to natural resource wells. Through a dedicated team of investors and scientists, Talos Energy is committed to responislbe exploration and acquisition of resources with minimal impact. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas and primarily operates along the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico.

Prior to its creation in 2012, the founders of Talos Energy possessed decades of combined experience in resource exploration. They were behind two separate natural resource companies operating in the Gulf of Mexico. The firms Gryphon Exploration Co. and Phoenix Exploration Co. blossomed into successful ventures and allowed the founders of Talos Energy to move forward with the establishment of the company.

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