One Direction is quite possibly the hottest boy band in the world, so when they do something good, it’s no surprise that everyone will know about it in a matter of minutes. The United Kingdom is known for their generosity and their charity, and so is One Direction! You might remember their video “One Way or Another“, a Blondie cover for their Red Nose Day donation a few years back, where all the revenue from the song was able to go to the charity. This year, they’re planning to do the same amount of generosity, just in a bit of a different way.

No Direction is going to be making their appearance this Friday for the March 13th event, and have even posted a teaser of their characters to get the fans all riled up stated Ask Men. The Red Nose Day is expected to bring in lots of money as well as lots of fans for all the big names that are going to be joining in on the festivities this year. Liam is known for his crazy alter egos, like “The Payne Train” from their 1D Day last year, and just makes us even more excited for us to see him take on the role of Johnny Vegas.

You can see the short teaser here: but warning, it will only make you just that more excited to see what the boys have in store!

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