Politics as Usual as DHS Funding Stops

It appears Washington DC wants to play politics as usual as neither the Republicans or Democrats can come together for the good of the country in what is essentially their main function…Funding the federal government. As of midnight on Friday night the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will be temporarily closed due to its budget […]

Over 800k Obama Care Recipients Asked To Delay Filing

Over 11.4 million American’s signed up for Obama Care during the open enrollment period. On Friday, officials announced that over 800-thousand Obama Care recipients received incorrect information on their tax documents and were being asked to delay filing. As reported on their blog, Healthcare.gov stated that the error was on the monthly amount in column […]

Let’s Not Have the Same Names on the Ballot in 2016 That We Did in 1992

Despite “Bush fatigue” on the part of many in the U.S. Electorate, it looks like former Florida governor Jeb Bush may actually be a frontrunner as a contender for the Republican party nominee for president in 2016. He may find getting the nomination from his own party to be a bigger challenge than how he […]

Obama to Heed the Courts on Temporary Injunction for His Extra-Constitutional Amnesty Plan

The Obama administration has said that it will comply with the United States District Court ruling issuing a temporary injunction against his extra-constitutional plan to grant amnesty to 5 million illegal aliens. That said, the administration is adamant that their actions were in fact constitutional. In defending his amnesty plan, which he enacted without any […]

Keith Man

Keith Mann is the cofounder and the Managing Director of the Dynamic Search Partners. The company is a financial employment recruiting firm based in New York City, New York, U.S.A. Prior to his tenure at Dynamic Search Partners, Mr. Mann was the Manager of the “Alternative Investments Division” of the company Dynamic Associates (1995). His […]

Christopher Cowdray leads the Dorchester Collection into a brave new world

Christopher Cowdray is one of the best known names in the hotel industry, with his name associated with some of the finest and oldest hotels in the British capital of London. After being appointed Chief Operating Officer of The Dorchester Collection in 2007, Cowdray ash spent the majority of his time with the company leading […]

President Obama’s Amnesty Plan on Hold as Federal Judge Issues Temporary Injunction

Monday night, US District Court Judge Andrew S. Hanen, an appointee of George W. Bush, issued a temporary injunction halting President Obama from proceeding with his extra-constitutional amnesty plan. The decision was met with nothing short of jubilation on the part of the GOP. Republicans had been trying to find a way to prevent the […]