Democrats Believe 2016 Presidential Election Will Pit Their Nominee Against a Romney-Like GOP Nominee

Democrats were gleeful when President Obama handily won reelection in 2012. Prior to that day, Karl Rove, George W. Bush’s chief political strategist, made the prediction that Romney would capture at least 279 electoral votes and likely more. In the end, Romney won only 209 votes which was far short of the 270 needed to […]

Boehner Invokes Arcane “Queen of the Hill” Rule in a Bid to Force Passage of GOP Budget

House Republican infighting over the fiscal 2016 budget has threatened to scuttle the entire bill. At issue is deficit hawks refuse to abandon President Obama’s sequestration imposed during the often contentious budget battles of 2011. Brian Torchin knows that the process calls for across the board reductions in the rate of growth with government agencies. […]

If You Are Overly Stressed With Certain Sounds , You May Have Misophonia- The Hatred Of Sound

  Research is beginning on a condition called, misophonia which is the hatred of sounds. This name was given by Emory University researcher, Margaret Pawel Jastreboff in 2002. Misophonia refers to sounds such as; lip smacking, swallowing, eating, breathing even nostril noises when sneezing. Those that suffer from misophonia get preoccupied with normal human sounds and react […]

Television Presidents More Popular Than President Obama=

A recent Reuters poll found a number of imaginary Presidents created for television more popular than the real U.S. President Barack Obama. Obama Popularity Slips Against Frank Underwood and David Palmer Such television presidents like, Frank Underwood for “House of Cards,” David Palmer for “24,” Laura Roslin of Battlestar Gallatica, and the beloved Jed Barlet […]

“Walking Man”‘s Ex Demands Share of Donations

Most people take the luxury of automobile ownership for granted. One Detroit man, James Robertson, rose to national notoriety after a story about his daily routine aired on the news. The 57-year-old man works at a factory on the outskirts of Detroit. Robertson does not own a car and public transportation only ventures part of […]