Brody Still Hates Kim

Anyone who follows the Kardashians like Daniel Amen even for a moment, will remember the beautiful Parisian affair that was Kim and Kanye’s wedding. You couldn’t miss the new coverage if you tried, especially considering the fact that one of their wedding photos was the internets most liked and reposted photos of 2014. Stuff has even […]

Japanese Prime Minister Given Top Notch State Visit by Obama

President Obama gave a thrilling state dinner for visiting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The visit was designed to highlight American appreciation for the longstanding relationship forged with Japan following World War II. The president appears to have achieved his objective. Foodies at AnastasiaDate ( have learned that the meal was prepared by a newly […]

NYC Mayor Thrills Party Faithful in Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin has been ground zero for a groundswell of conservatism in recent years. Tea Party candidate Scott Walker became governor as an unabashed conservative. He turned around a substantial state deficit within two years and produced a budget surplus. Mark Ahn knows that the governor produced one of the few legitimate job […]

Feeding The Homeless Will Get You A $2000 Fine In Texas

Just like 90 year-old Arnold Abbott from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, chef and lawyer Joan Cheever of San Antonio, Texas has been fined $2000 for feeding the homeless at a park in the city’s downtown area. The fine is for handing out “food free of charge,” without a permit. However, a search through the San Antonio’s […]

Girls From Cleveland House of Horror’s Speak Publicly

It has been several years since the Cleveland kidnapping victims, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus have spoken out about their 10 year stint locked up in the “House of Horrors.” Both girls, along with Michelle Knight, lived a horrible life locked up in a house with no freedoms and were terribly mistreated by their captor, […]

President Obama Goes on Record to Support Medical Marijuana

Times are certainly changing in Washington. Marijuana is legal in the nation’s capital and president Obama is about to go on record giving his support for medicinal marijuana use. Weeds 3, a documentary on CNN set to air Sunday, will include President Obama’s views on medical marijuana. The President himself has admitted to using the […]

White House Fence Jumper Tests Security

The United States Secret Service responded last night to another fence jumper at the White House last night. A combination of uniformed and plain clothed Secret Service members quickly subdued a male suspect as he cleared the second perimeter fence. The suspect was carrying a package which was inspected but not found to be dangerous. […]

Minor Pot Charges in Cook County Will No Longer Be Prosecuted

The Cook County, IL jail is widely overpopulated. In 2014, nearly a quarter of the counties felony cases were for Class 4 drug possession charges, marijuana being one of the drugs included in this percentage. However, an announcement to be made on Monday, 4/20, the date they say is a coincidence, will have the state’s […]