Initiatives to Protect Contractors

The rising popularity of freelance and/or contracted work in today’s economy has created a need for innovative ways to address the lack of protection for these kinds of workers, due to gaps in laws and regulations in this area. One such initiative involves ‘portable benefits’ – benefits that follow the worker from gig to gig […]

An Overview of Entrepreneur Majeed Ekbal

In a recent press release on PRNewswire, five major real estate companies announced their plans to acquire a California-based platform known as Tycoon Real Estate. After the acquisition, Tycoon would be overhauled and also revamped by the group. This acquisition is the first of its kind of a real estate crowdfunding platform. Although the acquisition […]

ITEC Growing with Brian Bonar’s Vision

ITEC, which is also known as Imaging Technologies Corporation, is a major creator of software and hardware for color management and digital imaging. They also provide service for their products. This company was started nearly thirty-five years ago and it is based in San Diego, California. ITEC provides various market segments with imaging products, such […]

Handy’s Raised Funding is Handy for Expanding Business

Handy, a platform that helps individuals find industry leading, pre screened independent service professionals that specialize in things ranging from cleaning to handyman services, recently announced they had raised $50 million in new funding to aid in expanding their business. Handy, formerly known as Handybook, connects its customers with professionals that can deliver the services […]

The Phenomenal Sergio Cortes

Michael Jackson attracted the love of millions every time he performed on stage. Now that he is absent so many fans want to experience the wonder all over again. One particular man has been serving many individuals in keeping Michael Jackson’s memory alive. Sergio Cortes is identified as the worlds most authentic Michael Jackson imitator. […]