George Soros Notes Economic Power Shift to East

No empire last forever. Even George Soros recognizes this as he notes the expanding importance of the East to the modern economic structure. Gold, silver and platinum are flowing to Chinese, India and Indonesia. “Rupiah Means Silver in Sanskrit” Money is usually named after precious metals. France names their money “argent” after the word for […]

George Soros: Exposing Putin’s Masterplan.

George Soros warns the EU not to consider Putin as their ally in the fight against the ISIS in his article in the Project Syndicate. The Hungarian-born billionaire claims that the Russian President is masking is intentions by offering support against the Islamic State. He plans to disintegrate the European Union so that they can […]

Thor Halvorssen Speaks Out Stating Cracking Down on Human Rights Will Not be Tolerated

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization promoting and protecting human rights on a global scale. Ensuring human rights and freedoms are preserved and promoted around the world is their mission. Current President of the HRF is Thor Halvorssen, a Venezuelan human rights advocate. In New York last month the HRF called […]

New Harry Potter Book Due for Shelves July 31

Harry Potter was a phenomenon that struck the literary world of children and adults alike. This instant success thrust author J.K. Rowling into the public eye at a very rapid rate. The amount of success that Rowling gained left fans wanting more. After many long years of waiting, the 8th book in the Harry Potter […]

Changing Landscapes: Alterations In The Holdings of Highland Capital Management

James Dondero is the Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management. Jim also serves as a board member of MGM Studios and American Banknote. He is also Chairman of CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare and NexBank. But not only is Dondero currently involved in many different companies and organizations, he has had extensive experience with a […]

Did George Soros Suggest That Capitalism Could Fail?

New Year resolutions are a tradition for many as a way to improve their lives. January 2016 saw many stock exchanges falling dramatically leaving investors wondering “Why.” George Soros has suggested that Capitalism might be in serious trouble. “Ground Hog Day All Over Again” At the 2016 economic forum in Davos, participants might have been […]

Healthy Dog Food Pushes Sales To The Top

There is no doubt about the fact that pet parents are lovers of everything fresh and nutritious for their dogs. Previously, there was a dearth of choice which is why most people chose to feed their dogs fresh food that they prepared themselves. Some people on Facebook however, were resigned to the fact that they […]