Sergio Cortes Is Helping The Community

Sergio Cortes is the current secretary of health in Brazil. Many individuals choose to go to his website that is called On this website an individual can find information that can be very valuable to their health and well being. Sergio Cortes is also a very revered and respected doctor and surgeon. He has […]

Handy’s founder Oisin Hanrahan: a True Innovator

Handy’s founder Oisin Hanrahan is making headlines for his ability to turn a truly creative concept into a $500 million business venture. Handy is an on-demand cleaning and handyman services based out of New York City currently. Hanrahan was recently interviewed for an article published by The Next Web about his uncanny success in launching […]

Making Email Marketing Efficient

According to an article recently published on HelloTesla, email marketing is not quite as efficient as it could be. Words on a page can sit there and never entice anyone to read them. When video is introduced to email marketing, however, it suddenly becomes a lot more efficient. There’s an old saying: a picture is […]

Setting the Media Straight on the Koch Brothers

Moyers & Company seeks to set the record straight regarding the media’s portrayal of the Koch brothers in an article which addresses various myths about the Koch brothers and provides a more accurate accounting of their political involvement and aspirations. Charles Koch first started receiving mainstream media attention in 2010 for their vocal opposition to the […]

Fabletics Gets Highlighted in Elle

Fabletics has become a very popular gym wear brand over the last several years. There are lots of people that are raving about what Kate Hudson has manage to create with this brand. It is a fairly new clothing line, but there are a lot of people that are thrilled with how this company is […]

Slyce Inc. Latest Reports Revealed! Surviving 2016. What’s New?

Slyce Inc. has released its 2015 fourth-quarter performance report, a Yahoo Finance! PR revealed earlier this month. A premier visual search specialist, Slyce Inc. announced its latest SnipSnap innovation, “Scout” last October. With Scout, Slyce promises attractive, customized savings discovery that’ll complement the offerings of SnipSnap, a viral coupons app. So, what other innovations did […]

What is iFunding?

Crowdfunding is a big thing in today’s world. It raises money for poor families to pay for medical bills, funeral bills for accidents, among other things. As with any new way to raise money, those who have been a little stupid will take advantage of it, and they have done this. However, iFunding isn’t the […]