Better Social Security Guidance with David Giertz

David Giertz who was the president of the top insurance provider in the world is certain that various financial advisor is not talking about social security with their customers because when they do not bring the conversation about social security retirement profit to their clients because it is their duty it may lead to damaging […]

Beneful Makes Happy Furry Pals

Beneful encompasses both a joyful and a lighthearted tone into their commercials, making the viewer feel a sense of enjoyment while watching. Not only is the audience informed of the benefits of Beneful, but the viewers also get a little sneak peak into the lovable pet’s mind. Witnessing a man’s best friend munch on their […]

ClassDojo, the App that Forges Educational Connections

ClassDojo has become a leading educational app with the mission of transforming education around the world. ClassDojo creates a communication link between students, parents, and teachers, allowing them to quickly and easily connect and share their experiences through the app’s Classroom, Stories, Messages, and Original Content features. For instance, Classroom allows students to pick different […]


Mindstrong Health, a startup venture that specializes in the use of smartphones to diagnose and help in the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders recently admitted to having secured investment funds amounting to $14 million. The funds were raised by investors that included ARCH Venture, One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund, Foresite Capital, and Optum Ventures. Speaking […]