Drew Madden:

*A Closer Look at Drew Madden: Drew Madden is a well known Health Care IT Specialist. Mr. Madden is devoted to his profession and he believes in establishing a strong company presence. In addition, developing long term business based relationships is the key to success especially within the IT business. For over a decade Drew […]

Sussex Healthcare Systems: When Quality Counts

When Quality and Professionalism Mean Something Offering superior care to those that have need of assistance in their everyday activities and lives is a challenge in itself. Many times, healthcare facilities may not be up to standards; however, at Sussex Healthcare Senor Living Facility, Care Centre and Support Services, the administration and support staff take […]

Entrepreneur Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a physician who specializes in surgery. He is currently licensed in the states of Georgia and Florida. Over the course of his career, Mark has been known to be a passionate advocate for Mark’s  patients. This has resulted in enabling him to establish a reputation as a top surgeon. Along with being […]

George Soros — Humanitarian 2017

George Soros, the name rings many bells. Businessman, democrat, philanthropist. George Soros is many things in the great country of America. George Soros has put more money into the economy and donated more to multiple charities philanthropies than many people can claim to have done. He has put many resources toward promoting the democratic ideals […]

Rocketship Education Empowers People to Get The Best Education for Their Children

Rocketship Education is a non-profit charter school organization that is rocking the boat of traditional systems that don’t always work so well in today’s environment. Rocketship goes for the lower-income neighborhoods, although it will work anywhere. The lower echelon of our society doesn’t have the economic advantage of a large tax base to support the […]