The Earth Force GoFundMe campaign is under the control of Jon Urbana, and his focus is on growing a campaign that is going to help the Earth Force youth campaign grow from its original foundation. Jon Urbana is a youth advocate who runs a lacrosse camp that helps him get in touch with the youth of America. His foundation is working to make the Earth a more beautiful place, and the foundation will fund projects that help kids create a better world around them.

#1: The Campaign

The campaign has just begun, and Jon Urbana is promoting the campaign on Facebook and through Twitter as much as possible to ensure that people are donating to help his cause move forward. He created a presentation on Slideshare that goes into the mission of this drive and what inspired him to begin with. Jon said on his blog that does not have money of his own to make the campaign work, and his GoFundMe campaign is the best way for Urbana’s Instagram followers and the rest of the people of America to contribute to his cause.

#2: The Purpose

The purpose of Earth Force is to ensure that the planet is receiving as much care as possible. The campaign is designed to create a group of people who will go out in the community and make a change. These young people will work on projects that will help people make their communities more beautiful. Beautification projects concern plants, animals and trash collection. Each part of the community can be turned around with help from young people who are mobilized by the Earth Force campaign.

#3: Why Is Jon Campaigning Online?

Jon Urbana is campaigning online and making new videos to find people who are most interested in working with the community. Jon Urbana is a pilot registered with the FAA, and a brilliant leader (and Villanova grad) who knows how to help kids make a difference in the world. There are many children who do not believe they can make a difference in the world, and Jon believes that he can change the way kids perceive the world.

Email Jon at his website to see how you can help.

Jon Urbana’s campaign for the Earth Force will help make kids the saviors of the world, and each part of the country will have a new appearance when Jon brings his kids to help. The campaign will make America a better place to live with just a few more donations.