North Carolina Commissioner Carrol Mitchem believes America is a Christian country. He said the country was founded on Christian values, and all other religions are minority religions. Mitchem has even banned prayers from other religions in the county meetings that he attends. A federal judge has ordered Mitchem to stop opening meetings with Christian prayers, but the commissioner is on a sacred mission.

In Mitchem’s mind, he is right, and everyone else that doesn’t believe what he believes is wrong. His God takes precedence, and he is following God’s law. There is no compromising as far as Mitchem is concerned, and that is not only a problem for the people in his county, but also for the people across the country.

There is a religious virus going around, and it is creating a social storm that will disrupt our version of democracy. An invisible line has been drawn between different religious beliefs in our political system, and the system is buckling under the weight of that line of ignorance. James Dondero wonders if the war of righteousness is taking a heavy toll on our freedom. We are creating a version of God that rules with judgmental bigotry and unabashed separation.

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