On-demand cleaning and household service app Handy has taken the market by storm. The company, only 3 years old, has managed to not only sustain but grow in a market where competitors have been forced out of business along with their recent announcement that Handy is now worth around $500 million.

Their service is simple, and benefits not just customers, but workers as well. Once the app is downloaded on a mobile device, customers search and request one of the services Handy offers, ranging from home cleaning to putting furniture together along with professional services like plumbing. Customers simply book a date that is convenient for them and a vetted professional is sent to do the job. The ease and convenience along with easy payment through the app appeals to customers while independent contractors benefit from working a flexible schedule that fits their needs along with good pay.

So far, Handy offers their services in major metropolitan areas including Boston, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, and Vancouver with the goal to add more and more areas as their business grows. All the professionals that are contracted through Handy are vetted, instilling confidence for the customer in both a good work aspect as well as safety.
Handy’s founder, Oisin Hanrahan, recently gave an interview while attending the Web Summit in his home country of Ireland about the company’s growth and future plans. Hanarahan gave some background information on what led to the start of his company. During college he was developing real estate and found it difficult to get people to do the small jobs like cleaning or simply handyman duties. He followed that with a job for an on-demand taxi service in London. Once in Boston where he was working on his MBA from Harvard, he used his past experienced to create Handybook, now known as Handy. Along with the help of one of his roommates who was also the co-founder of Handy, they raised $50,000 in seed money and moved to New York where they felt was the best place for the company to flourish.

The company took off well, though there were some bumps along the way. The company has worked hard to maintain good balance between their customers and contractors alike, the only way to keep the business flowing. Currently, 80 percent of their business is from cleaning bookings, but they intend to add more services, like furniture ordering and delivery along with assembly.

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