Public relations and those who handle it have always gone hand in hand with people who are in the news, press or talked about on local news channels frequently. Actors, musicians, politicians and business executives all have personal lives and pasts just as anyone else but when you’re famous it becomes the focal point of scrutiny. It is especially hard to start a business and gain the interest and trust of investors when your search results show something negative, be it an old picture on a social media site or someone else has written about you regardless of any truth behind it. Status Labs is the first public relations company that focuses solely on virtual and search related reputation, their team is stocked with organized and technology savvy employees that will guide you through the repair process of your online reputation or help build one from scratch.

President and Co-Founder, Darius Fisher, has recently been named one of PRWeek’s Innovation 50. A list shelled out for recognizing the top rising stars of 2015 in public relations. Though Fisher is overly proud and happy about his name appearing on the list he states that it wasn’t a huge surprise since he was called ‘The Olivia Pope & Associates of the Internet’ by the Daily Beast a few months prior. One of the biggest hacks this year that affected many members of government, executives and people in the limelight has been the Ashley Madison hack earlier this year. Status Labs played a predominant role in helping multiple clients replenish their google search results and manage each individual crises and backlash. Since the massive hack that happened a few months back they since received honorable mentions by Yahoo!News and The New York Times.

Fisher understood the world of PR was changing as more newspapers went digital, along with new channels adding their own websites and publishing information via social media like Twitter. Fisher founded Status Labs after working as a political consultant and copywriter and graduated with honors from Vanderbilt University. Fisher created the initial vision of the company and focusing on the biggest name people use to search for information, Google. Status labs now has over 1,500 clients in 35 countries. Fisher’s vision for online reputation management has flourished, and his continued advancement in the field will only move him higher in the PR world.

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