Solo Capital is a proprietary trading and consulting firm that was founded by Sanjay Shah in 2011. Sanjay Shah is a reputable businessman who owns many companies. Solo Capital is a successful company that has doubled its revenue in a very short time. When he first started the company, he wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. He and his family were experiencing the financial crisis in 2009 and his accounting job was beginning to not look so great, so he went out on a whim and decided to open his own brokerage firm and called it Solo Capital. He has owned many businesses before Solo Capital, but not that quite developed that fast. He hired a few graduates and trading partners to help him get the business started and went to work. He initially told himself that he would give it a year to dedicate himself to the foundation and involvement of the company, and he is glad that he did. After five years, the company is now a million dollar company that exhibits great wealth and excellent customer satisfaction.

Sanjay Shah has companies located in Dubai, London, The Cayman Islands and many other areas. The company is headquartered out of London and incorporated in the United Kingdom. Sanjay Shah currently resides in Dubai with his family, but has since retired from Solo Capital to allow himself to pursue another passion of his. Between all of his successful companies, Sanjay Shah can officially say that he is a billionaire. They are thriving companies that are successful and built with a structure to help the other company out and create an easy flow path.

While preparing to become a med student and finally attending college for it, he decided that it wasn’t for him. He just decided he didn’t want to become a doctor, so he did what all the other pre-med drop out students did and started studying accounting. His career choice in college landed himself the foundation that has been laid with his experience and expertise in all of his companies. Now that he can consider himself retire, he can focus on his charity called Autism Rocks.

After launching the charity for the neurological condition called autism, he has found much success and more people willing to donate. He recently had to hire two people to help him keep up with the financial and music side of the industry. Autism Rocks is an invite only concert that helps raise donations for autism research. Shah can then take the money and donate it to whomever he wants. He donated some of the funds to Cambridge University to aid in their research. They also have a program that allows families and patients the education to better understand the condition.

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