Twenty-eight-year-old Isa Khan Laghmani is being hailed as a hero in his home country of Afghanistan. Laghmani is a Staff Sgt. in the Afghani Army. It is his duty to help protect the Afghani Parliament building in the capital city of Kabul from harm. While on duty last week, there was a suicide car bombing at his post. Laghmani knew from experience that suicide car bombings were usually followed by insurgents trying to gain access to the building. He was on full-alert after hearing the deafening blast. He took his rifle and posted himself at the entrance of the Parliament building. A group of six young insurgents were quickly approaching when he took them all down with his rifle.

Laghmani is now being hailed as a national hero after stopping another attack from happening says Marcio Alaor BMG. Just weeks before, a Parliament building was attacked and several people were killed during it. Afghani citizens are hanging up posters of Laghmani to celebrate his bravery. It is reported that Afghani President Ashraf Ghani gave the courageous solider a three-bedroom house for his actions. Laghmani is a hero in a country that desperately needed one.

For the full story on Laghmani and his actions, check it out on the LA Times website.

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