Purina Petcare is a world leader in pet food and welfare. Their campaigns have always attracted public and media attention. Recently, Purina launched another high-profile national campaign dubbed Purina Pride. The Purina Pride commercial aims at creating favorable publicity and goodwill for its Beneful Brand of Dog Food. In this campaign, female and male Dog owners give testimonials justifying their loyalty to the brand. News of the campaign featured on PR Newswire. See link http://www.multivu.com/players/English/7544251-purina-pride-ad-campaign/. The intensity and timing of this campaign aim at dispelling and denying credibility to safety, quality and accountability allegations levelled against the Beneful brand. The campaign highlights the exceptional level of care and goodness that goes into the production of every ounce of every bag of the Beneful Dog brand. It is important to note that the Beneful brand forms one of Purina’s key revenue and sales figures. The move came as a necessity in the wake of a lawsuit levelled against Purina. The campaign video’s location was the company’s Atlanta-based factory. In the video, pet owners across America and their pets confess their pride and confidence in the product. Associates and long-serving workers are also incorporated in the campaign. Nominated by various departments, they vouch for the high level of input that goes into production, marketing and distribution. The central concern and love for pets stands out in the compelling video. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the campaign has connected and resonated well with Purina customers across the world. The Purina’s publicity policy comes in handy in promoting this campaign. It went digital on all social media platforms as well as widespread publication distributions. Purina even provides crunching sales numbers. About 1.5 billion Beneful meals fed about 15 million pets worldwide. This evidence compounds proof of Beneful’s market acceptance and dominance.