Going to a therapist is not something that should ever be stigmatized. In fact, it should be something that we all celebrate. Unfortunately, that is not the way that it works in a lot of cases. As such, there have been a number of alternative ways to see a therapist that have sprung up in recent years. Among the most popular is a service known as Talkspace.

For just $32 per week a patient can begin to receive the help that he or she needs via text. That’s right, a therapist can be right there in your pocket with you when you subscribe to Talkspace today. The fact remains that many people do not have access to the proper mental health care that they really need in their life. They want to work on it, but they are afraid that doing so might make them stigmatized in some way. For those individuals, it might be a lot easier to just pull out their phone and speak with a therapist via text messaging.

Text messaging is a lot less intimidating to those who might be a little apprehensive about going to a therapist in the first place. After all, there are a lot of people who would rather not have to face that kind of pressure. They might be intimidated that they will be judged by the therapist or something like that. For them, the fact that the can receive help without the judgement is a blessing.

Opportunities to use Talkspace are expanding as the company has paired up with Magallen Health to reach more patients. Those who are current patients of Magallen are soon going to be able to use the services of Talkspace. This will open the eyes of even more people to the power that is Talkspace and therapy in general.