Sergio Cortes is the best Michael Jackson impersonator in the entire globe.

His acts combine an appearance that looks exactly like Michael in the 90s, MJ’s amazing voice and stunning moves like those of Michael during his performances. Michael Jackson was an idol who was renowned all over the globe, and Sergio makes one feel like Michael is well and alive today. This article discusses the fine resemblance between Sergio Cortes and Michael Jackson, what he does to look like MJ and the impact the impersoant9on has brought to his music today.
MJ’s Music is Legendary
Michael Jackson composed so many hit songs that will make his music last for a very long time to come. Today, radio stations play Michael’s songs like they were new and had just been released. The thriller Album by MJ is deemed by many people to be the greatest pop album of all eternity. Michael came up with music that was popular back in the 90s and even adored by the current generation.
The songs by Michael are very popular, and most people can actually sing along. Sergio sings most of these great songs from Michael’s album. His act is based on music though Sergio does more than just singing Michael Jackson’s songs.
MJ’s Moves
Sergio Cortes has mastered all the dance movements that Michael pioneered, and these moves will make the cockles of anyone’s heart when they see Sergio dancing. Sergio very much resembles Michael on stage while performing, and anyone will have the feeling they were watching MJ’s original music videos. The song performances in the show together with the stunning dance moves will take one back to Michael Jackson’s era, the 90s.
MJ’S Looks
Sergio Cortes looks like MJ is every probable way. The mixture of lighting and makeup enables one to see MJ on the stage during Sergio’s performances. Sergio has changed his appearance to look just like Michael and his experience encompasses Michael’s voice as well. Cortes has altered his voice to sound like MJ’s, and one will have quite an experience when they attend his shows.
Sergio has made his livelihood all about entertainment with his shows reminding his fans of MJ’s performances and spirit. One can witness his shows firsthand by acquiring tickets to his performances that happen all over the globe or contact his via social media. The MJ experience that is provided by Cortes is one that one will enjoy in case they would like to relive the olden days with MJ’s music.

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