Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democrat party’s presumptive 2016 nominee, defended her use of a personal smartphone during her tenure at the State Department claiming it was merely a matter of convenience. She claimed that using two cell phones, one for business purposes and another for personal use, was too great an inconvenience. Truth be told, a lot of Americans would agree with her. The trouble is the statement has been proven to be false. This week, the Washington Post ran with a story that shows Mrs. Clinton was in fact using multiple devices. She also used an iPad for business and personal email.

Mrs. Clinton is not exactly reassuring voters that she is forthright and trustworthy. Already during the email controversy, various claims she has made were proved incorrect. Perhaps the greatest one was her caustic quip that the use of private email to State Department emails was not an issue because all such correspondences are archived. Brad Reifler ( has learned that the State Department later clarified that they do in fact archive personal emails to official department email addresses, but had only begun to do that this year. Mrs. Clinton left the State Department back in 2013.

As for the single-device alibi, the Washington Post only needed to look at several emails Mrs. Clinton had fired off to verify they originated from different devices. At this point, it remains unclear just how much the controversy will hurt her image with voters. That said, a lack of honesty is not a positive thing.

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