Arthur Becker is one of the most interesting entrepreneurs that there are today. Entrepreneurs, almost by nature, have to be innovative and interesting people. After all, they are here to create profit out of the air by finding the right idea to invest in. Arthur Becker has found success in various industries including technology, real estate, and even inventing his own products. Becker’s recent work has taken on renewed importance as he focuses on expanding his real estate investment firm, Madison Partners. We decided to take a look at where Becker came from so that others can see what it takes to succeed in such an interesting industry. Check out Inspirery to know more.

In a report by The Real Deal, we can go away back to the beginning when Arthur Becker worked as a stockbroker at Bear Stearns. It was here that Becker made his initial fortune as he bought and traded technology companies in order to find success in the early ’00s. Becker would soon parlay these early successes into a real estate company. Becker had the option of going to New York and Florida. After briefly considering Florida it would appear that Becker was more attracted to the success that New York’s real estate market was offering and that’s the direction that he chose to head in.

In New York Arthur Becker would find nearly instant success as a real estate developer. Becker started out as a quiet investor for the big wig real estate development companies in the city. Becker would be the money man for Kevin Maloney and Michael stern on their Billionaires’ Row project development. Soon Becker was buying into a 16 story luxury condo development located in downtown Manhattan — 10 Sullivan Street. Becker’s early success has parlayed itself well into a variety of other real estate opportunities and now Becker is stepping out to the front of the pack as the Managing Partner at Madison Partners, LLC. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

Things haven’t always been simple for Becker. When he was first getting out Becker tried to invest in a variety of different projects to differing levels of success. A Macadamia Nut farm in Hawaii yielded great success while an investment into custom binoculars was mostly a failure. Becker has shown time and again that your success is predicated on your effort and now he is reaping the benefits.

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