President Obama’s Choice Disagrees With Him On Marijuana

Loretta Lynch, the nominee for Attorney General, is making headlines that might not get her where she wants to be. Even though, polls show that the majority of Americans voters believe smoking weed is safer than alcohol, she is taking the opposite stance.

Alcohol studies show that it is a very dangerous drug for users as well as the people around them. Dave and Brit Morin have found out that government studies show marijuana is a lot safer. The government doesn’t say it’s safe for adolescents, but it does have a purpose in certain medical situations and to even replace alcohol in certain recreational venues. If Lynch is elected, she will have the authority to remove marijuana from Schedule 1. Schedule 1 is the most dangerous classification of drugs.

If she is elected and chooses not to remove the plant from that schedule the push to legalize the use of marijuana across the country would not happen as quickly as some voters think. The choice to make a statement like that shows that her confirmation process will not go as easy as some politicians expected.

One thought on “Attorney General Nominee Says Alcohol Safer Than Weed

  1. After all, some legislators want to legalize pot for personal reasons not just for medical reasons. That would mean researchers could study weed carefully, and figure out if the plant can be used for medical purposes nationwide. And that is to say that australian writing will have these in check.

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