Need to get some extra money to help a campaign or nonprofit you are passionate about? GoFundMe is the way to go. If you are not familiar with GoFundMe it is a crowdfunding platform that allows people around the world to raise money for a plethora of things.

Recently, Dr. Avi Weisfogel a philanthropist and generous donor on GoFundMe decided to launch a campaign of his own, Operation Smile. This amazing organization is designed to help children across the receive life changing surgical procedures who otherwise would be unable to afford it. His specific surgical procedures include providing cleft lip and palate repair surgeries to children and young adults. To date it is estimated that 2 billion people lack access to any surgical care. According to statistics provided by Operation Smile only 4% of an estimated 234 million surgical procedures performed each year go to the poorest third of the global population. Weisfogel believes hat all patients should have the opportunity to have comprehensive healthcare and a chance for greater well being. Donations across the globe have been pouring in to help save the smiles of children nationwide.

If you are unfamiliar with Dr. Avi Weisfogel he is the owner of Dental Sleep Masters. He has received numerous degrees from Rutgers and New York University College of Dentistry. Prior to founding Dental Sleep Masters Dr. Weisfogel was a lecturer at Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients (you can see his educational video below). In his line of work he has been able to not only educate dentists about oral therapy and sleep disorders,business growth and development. Follow Avi on Facebook, Vimeo, and Twitter to stay up to date on the campaign.