AXA is a firm that has achieved a multinational status because of offering services that customers love. The organization has its headquarters in France is one of the biggest insurance agencies in the world and is regarded as the best insurance company worldwide.


The name was chosen because the founders wanted to make the organization a global one hence they wanted something that could easily be pronounced. It is a company that has been relevant in the market for two hundred years because it began its operations in 1816 when it was founded. The firm has changed names sometimes and has also bought other companies merging to form an active organization.


AXA has been successful because its primary concern is to provide people with many quality services. Some of the services provided by the company include accounts on asset management, equity investments, health insurance, annuities, life insurance and services regarding risk management among other services.


The company has also diversified its services and operations because they want to ensure that customers can get what they want. They have established themselves in different countries because they are focusing on ensuring that every individual can have access to the services.


It is a company that is also philanthropic. For instance, the company created AXA Fund in 2008 which targets young people who are interested in carrying out research. It also aims to mentor the young people by giving them a chance of sharing with researchers who have the experience in the field. It has supported more than two hundred projects to date.


The person who is behind the success of this organization is known as Vinny Parascandola. He serves the company diligently and currently he is the Senior Vice President.He ensures that sales and management development goes on smoothly in the enterprise. Vinny Parascandola is also tasked with recruitment of professionals to serve the company.


He has the experience needed to run AXA Advisors, and that is why the organization is still achieving great success. He has worked hard making sure that the company performs its missions and goals.