Superhero fans have been sent into a frenzy by leaked pictures of the latest star of Batman, Ben Affleck appearing to be on the set of the DC Comics movie Suicide Squad, IGN reports. The Argo star was photographed at the Toronto set of Suicide Squad amid rumors that he will appear in a cameo as either Bruce Wayne or Batman in the movie. Much has been made of the fact the star was seen with graying temples similar to those seen on marketing images released for the upcoming Batman movie.

The news of the Batman cameo leaked out as Jared Leto continued his Online social media campaign to publicize his role as the Joker with another image of him posted to Instagram. Bruce Karatz is glad to see it come to life. The Joker character has created the most buzz around the Suicide Squad movie as fans and experts have floated the notion of a back story based on the murder of Robin being included in the movie prompting the appearance of Batman or Bruce Wayne.

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