The most fun I have throughout my day is when I spend time with my pet. I have a golden retriever who is my absolute best friend. I picked up my dog from the pound, and I actually rescued him, and they were going to put him down because no one would adopt him. Even though I saved my pet, I feel more like my pet saved me. I only want the best for my pet, so I only buy my pet the best food. It took me a while to get to learn what kind of food my pet likes, especially since he had been cared for differently by its previous owner.

I tested many different foods, and I didn’t have any success until I found the Beneful brand foods. The only reason I knew that he really liked Beneful is because it’s the only food he would eat completely, without leaving anything in his bowl. I used to buy store brand foods because they were the cheapest, but as they say, you get what you pay for. I bought the store brand food on and off, but a lot of times he just wasn’t eating much of the food. I think he was rarely eating only when he was hungry, but not because he enjoyed the food.

I really wanted my pet to enjoy his food, especially since when I received him, he was a bit malnourished. I only decided to try Beneful after I saw a commercial about how great the food was and how nutritious it was. I decided to head over to the pet store and purchase Beneful. While I was there, I also decided that I would purchase some Beneful treats as well, just to see how much my dog would like them. I hit a home run by buying the Beneful food, and it got even better when he tasted the treats.

I never saw him leave even one piece of food in his bowl after I fed him Beneful. After I switched to Beneful brand food, I never had a problem with my pet eating again. I never would have known how great the food was if I hadn’t seen the commercial for it. Although I’m never one to follow what commercials say, I still have to agree that my dog is absolutely in love with the food, and I’ve decided to stick with Beniful for good. Checkout Beneful Twitter!

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