Virtually the entire world is victim to the animosity and often violence that comes with religious rifts. From the smallest tribal religions in the world to the Abrahamic religions seen everywhere, there is everything from squabbles to all out war. That is why the new “House of Religions” in Bern, Switzerland is such an important example of people should treat each other’s religions. With a mosque, a Christian church, a Hindu temple and more housed in one structure, there is no room for hatred.

Switzerland is known for its forward momentum when it comes to humanity and culture. Lee Slaughter believes they are setting a great example with their “House of Religions,” but that does not mean everyone should be expecting something similar in their hometowns anytime soon. Considering the backlash over the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” and the hate crimes over religion perpetrated all over the world, it does not seem like civilization has learned to be civilized yet. However, if Bern can do it, the rest of the world can follow in similar fashion.

Multicultural community centers are already a part of countless cities around the globe. People share language, history, art and more under a single roof with people of a variety of religions. The only thing missing in these scenarios is the sharing of religion. All Bern did was take this concept one step further. In the same vein, all communities have to do is take that same single step.

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