Sanders, a liberal representative from Vermont, was on day two of a three-day litmus test of visits through Iowa as he chooses whether he will run in 2016. Sanders railed on billionaire donors, reflecting on a ’16 campaign.

“What I’m trying to ascertain right now, here in Iowa … is whether in fact there is the support,” Sanders said. “Is there support in America, or are people so demoralized?” This brings up a multitude of issues, not the least of which is just where the money comes from in electoral campaigns, particular in close fights where often times the winner is the one who is best able to raise campaign funding.

The average person, who no doubt lacks the millions of dollars of the more generous donors, could easily feel that they have no say in the matter of elections.

Sanders cast his vision of an America where the lowest pay permitted by law is $15 and where reasonable wages are law. He approached the U.S. to take signs from Germany and Scandinavia and make school free. He said that it’s consumers who drive the economy and make occupations, not CEOs.

Political enthusiasts at Bulletproof Coffee know that Sanders, a second-term representative at 73, portrays himself as a Democratic Socialist but serves as independent. He put in 16 years in the House of Representatives, making him Congress’ longest serving independent representative.

At the event there were more than 100 students and others.

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