According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland is CEO and Founder of the company Magnises. The product? It is a gleaming black metal black card which provides a convenient pay option, by tying into the user’s existing debit card or bank card.

This tie-in is sensational since the user is not required to qualify for any type of credit in order to carry the prestigious card. Then there is the component of socializing with other young professionals at venues, in the city, that are second-to-none.

Billy McFarland, has not been a lightweight, either, in selecting discounted packaging with regard to New York establishments or the other city areas where he has launched the card. In example, in New York, the Magnises card holder is afforded the opportunity of eating at stylish venues which prove much pricier without making use of the Magnises card.

There is the amenity of ClubPass, too–small monthly fee; and well worth it–wherein the Magnises card holder can gain immediate access to two of New York’s best nightclubs–without waiting in line. Persons who use ClubPass state its is well worth the small investment.

The company provides members with a nice penthouse location to hobnob socially with other young Magnises professionals. The niche user of the Magnises card comes from the fashion industry, financé and the tech sector.

The card has an economical $250 annual fee–too. Something that most careerists find very affordable. It is bold and it connects McFarland’s generation with each other and all the best amenities the city offers in way of the performing arts, fine dining, night-clubbing, and more.