Raising a million dollars for a cause use to be very unrealistic. Today it seems to be common place. The sitewww.humansofnewyork.com has done just that, raising the funds in a photo blog to help students in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn. Brandon Stanton is the man behind the website. He is a testament of what we should all strive to be, a man living for mankind and not just him or herself.
As you read this article I hope that you can too, be the person to better mankind. Throughout life we all have experiences that shape us as human beings. When was the last time you bought a homeless man lunch? Sergio Andrade Gutierrez wonders: When was the last time you stopped by an old age home to visit a stranger? These simple ideas or actions can lead to a much more peaceful future for all of us.
It is now up to you to be that guiding light for the world. I realize that some of us do not have the funds or ability to help, at least that is what we think. Greatness is inside all of us and it can start with just volunteering at a food bank or paying for lunch for the person behind you in the drive thru.

One thought on “Blog Raises Over 1 Million for Struggling Inner City School

  1. No matter how you live your life or how well off you are, there is always something you can do to make someone’s life matter. Who knows, that kind gesture to a stranger might just save their life. This is the way it should have worked for uk best essay and I know that is the way it is.

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