The state of New Jersey is now becoming the hub of real estate owing to the efforts of Omar Boraie and his real estate development firm, Boraie Development. The company is one of the main reasons why the area has been seeing such an increase in housing development. People from all over the country are now shifting to the beautiful city of New Jersey as it provides a good alternative for some of the nation’s best infrastructure and development. The city of New Brunswick, in particular, is where Boraie Development does most of its projects. The company has been instrumental in transforming the otherwise run-down city to one which has almost everything that one could ask for.

The properties in the city are also one of the main reasons why people are moving to New Jersey. The property rates in New Jersey are not as high as the other states, which is why they prove to be a good option for homeowners. Because of these lowered rates, mortgage companies are also providing better deals to people who are looking to buy spaces here, making them all the more sought after. All in all, the city of New Brunswick and New Jersey, in general, have always been sound investment options, and now even more so with the development that the city is seeing as a result of Boraie Development.

Omar Boraie was born and raised in Egypt. His family had their real estate company there are was fully functional under the same name. Omar had decided to move to the United States to pursue a degree in chemistry. According to a article, the city of New Brunswick was one of the first places that he encountered. When he came to the city, it was rather underdeveloped and did not have much going for it. But Omar knew that all it would take to transform the city was a good real estate developer. With that in mind, he decided that he would set up Boraie Development in the city of New Brunswick to aid their development and also to provide the people with a company that cared about them. Boraie Development soon brought numerous plans into action and tried to execute them in the best way possible. One of the most important aspects of the development was the balance that they wanted to create between commercial and residential properties. To maintain a balance, Boraie Development constructed an equal amount of both to appeal to the people and to aid further development.