According to LinkedIn, Brian Bonar is a seasoned financial executive, investor and mentor. According to, Brian executive experience spans several successful financial services companies, including Trucept and Dalrada Financial Corporation, where he currently serves as Chairman and CEO.

The San Diego based Trucept, Inc is a publicly held company that focuses on a wide range of services including payroll and tax preparation and human resource document management. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has managed to bring together a team of highly dedicated financial experts. Dalrada Financial Corporation, on the other hand, focuses on providing insurance, benefits and outsourcing and financial services.

The employee programs undertaken by Dalrada are geared towards promoting business efficiency. Brian Bonar is also the president of the publicly listed financial service company called Allegiant Professional Services. The other companies he has served over the years include; IBM, QMS, Adaptec and Bezier Systems. At IBM, Brian put up several years working as procurement manager, before becoming a respected Director of Engineering at QMS. Read more: Brian Bonar / People / MG2

Brian has also won several accolades for the positive work he has done in the financial sector and the community. According to an excerpt published by PRNewswire on July 2010, Brian Bonar was named the Cambridge Who’s Who’s Executive of the Year for 2010.

The honorees are selected based on their performance on parameters like academic achievements, professional accomplishments and leadership capabilities. While affirming the award, the Cambridge organizing committee recognized that Brian Bonar had 30 years experience working as a professional manager in the financial sector. Brian is also a well known restaurateur in the San Diego area, where he runs the popular Bellamy’s restaurant on Escondido’s, West Grand Avenue.

The city of San Diego is renowned for upscale eateries, fine dining experience and vibrant art scene. According to the San Diego Magazine, Bellamy’s has carved a niche as the one of the best restaurants in southern California, thanks to the quality of food, top-notch chef and the idyllic culinary setting.

One of the celebrated chef’s at Bellamy’s is the award winning master chef from France, Patrick Ponsaty. Brian also owns a nearby 144 acre property called Ranch at Bandy Canyon, which he hopes to transform into a 4 star restaurant and a preferred signature event space.

In terms of Education, Brian Bonar holds an MBA and Bachelors degree from Stafford University and University of Strathclyde respectively according to Bloomberg. He is also professionally affiliated with several professional organizations such as the Warning Management Services, American Finance Association and is a board member of the influential Boy and Girls Club of Greater San Diego. Outside his regular work engagements, Brian Bonar is a fervent traveler and golfer. He also likes spending time with his family.