Brian Bonar has served at many companies either as an executive or chair on the board, it’s almost overwhelming to think of all his accomplishments. He’s also a restaurateur in San Diego County, buying up many restaurants and turning them into some of the finest cuisines.

Most recently he bought out Bandy Canyon Ranch, a vacation place near Escondido with the plan for making it a major resort, and he hired award-winning Chef of France Patrick Ponsaty as the master chef there. Bonar is definitely well-connected and knows where to find talent when he needs to. He has helped many businesses find more efficient ways to conduct operations throughout his career.

Brian Bonar is originally from Scotland, and he graduated from Strathclyde University where he got his undergrad in business, then completed his masters at Staffordshire University. Bonar started out working primarily in the IT industry, spending 17 years as an executive at IBM UK Ltd.

He would later relocate to the US where he served in several computer technology development companies, many of which were related to printing and copying and outsourced functions. These companies included QMS, Bezier Systems, Adaptek, Rastek, The Amanda Company and many others. He started two companies of his own, The Dalrada Financial Group and Trucept, Inc.

The Dalrada Financial Group is a San Diego based company that sells packaged benefits to various small and mid-sized businesses that include paid vacations, 401k plans, payroll and tax services, and insurance. The cost of purchasing these plans can be expensive for many small businesses, so the Dalrada Financial Group helps deliver these solutions in a more affordable package.

Similarly, Trucept also offers these benefits and is part of a business strategy that Bonar has pioneered called a professional employer organization (PEO). Basically the way that PEOs work is they enter into a partnership with a client company who outsources human resources to them as well as the benefits, while the client company stays focused on employee day-to-day tasks. While professional employer organizations are the employer of record on tax forms, the client company does reserve the right to hire or terminate at their own will.

Brian Bonar also helped turn another company, Imaging Technologies into not just a manufacturer of printers and copiers, but also a full line service company with ongoing support. He was also awarded the Executive of the Year in Finance in the Cambridge Who’s Who program in 2010. In addition to his business and restaurant mini-empire, Bonar also spends his time golfing and boating.