Founded in 2005 by Maricio Ribeivo, his business started out as a credit company. Mr. Rigeivo also began his company exclusively as an independent company which was not related to or supported by outside financial groups.
Maricio Ribeivo is partnered with Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes, which has 15 years of experience in financial markets, and Rodrigo Cavalcante who is an accountant and an attorney.

BRL Trust now is the leader in private debt securities, including over 800 transactions with $4.5 bil in transactions. They now offer fiduciary services, fund administration funds, asset management and underwriting. The executives are equipped to guide clients in several areas in the financial world including mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, administration and management of investment funds. The company funds administration division also oversees 96 funds with an overwhelming asset value of around $17.98 bil. This business is also capable of handling asset management requirements of both large and small cliental, with services always geared to suit the needs of all their investors. Even when a client turns to BRL Trust for asset underwriting services, there are on-staff financial experts to prepare all individuals and companies to raise money needed for use in agribusiness receivables and real estate receivables. This same department is qualified to help with investment funds quotas and can also provide this same kind of assistance located in Brazil and beyond. Their information can be found even on Facebook for people to read about.

Mauricio Ribeivo, founded his company along with Rodrigo Boccanera. Before this however, Mr Ribeivo was a former shareholder of Pentagono S.A. DTVM (Pentagona). He was responsible for development of trustee services and fund administration department. During his time there, Pentagono has become a market leader in the segment of debenture trustee.

Mr. Ribeivo was definitely an asset to Pentagono S.A., but moved on and formed a partnership with Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes to establish BRL Trust. Between the two of them they have create a business far beyond their wildest dreams. They continue to thrive reaching out far and wide.

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