Anyone who follows the Kardashians like Daniel Amen even for a moment, will remember the beautiful Parisian affair that was Kim and Kanye’s wedding. You couldn’t miss the new coverage if you tried, especially considering the fact that one of their wedding photos was the internets most liked and reposted photos of 2014. Stuff has even been posted on To say that Kim and Kanye’s wedding was a big deal is an understatement.

A year later and apparently some people are still not over the event. Bruce Jenner’s son Brody definitely still has some lingering feelings about the wedding. While most people remember Kim’s brother Rob not attending the wedding, Brody is more concerned with the fact that his own girlfriend was not invited to attend, at one point Brody even said he would rather Kim marry Reggie.

Now Brody is getting a laugh at Kim’s expense, and letting her and everyone else know that he didn’t forget the wedding drama. Recently Brody and his girlfriend attended a wedding of a friend and Brody posting a photo on Instagram tagging his girlfriend in a shady comment about finally being able to attend a wedding together. The post was later removed but of course the photo is still here, and will forever belong to the internet.

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