As the Managing Partner of the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson is a well-known, well-respected name throughout the NBA. In addition to being managing partner, he has also served on the NBA Board of Governors since 2004.
Bruce’s professional history began far before his NBA days, however. He is a proud graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. He also has a degree from the American University School of Law. Bruce worked at the Washington Star as a full-time journalist, and then for an energy publication before launching his biggest corporate venture.

In 1977, Bruce collaborated with a businessman named Ed Peskowitz in order to create and build the highly successful United Communications Group, which consists of an extensive portfolio of information companies in the professional arena. This company saw tremendous success, In fact, nowadays, United Communications is one of the largest and most successful business information companies in the world. As a privately held business, UCG provides information to well over two million clients. Clients of UCG are from a wide variety of business sectors such as various technologies, health care, finances, energy and telecommunications.

To add to Times’ Bruce Levenson’s professional background, he is also a founding shareholders of TechTarget, which is a privately held corporation on the NASDAQ. Additionally, he served on TechTarget’s board until the beginning of 2012.

In more recent years, Bruce partnered with another business guru to invent an innovative cooking technology that is able to toast bread in just three seconds. The private company is named DOT.

Aside from his extensive professional background, Bruce has consistently remained active in many philanthropic endeavors. Bruce and his wife, Karen, have led the creation of the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. Together, they head the annual Do Good Challenge at the U of M as well.

In regard to education and community outreach, Bruce has also served as president of the “I Have a Dream Foundation.” He has also served as chairperson on the boards of both non-profit organizations called Hoop Dreams and the Community Foundation.

Today, Bruce remains an active and avid basketball player. Furthermore, he also is known to golf and ski. He is also an adventurist in his travels, exemplified by spending three consecutive nights in a tented camp in Antarctica. Bruce lives in both Atlanta, Georgia and Potomac, Maryland, where he and his wife Karen raise their three sons.

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