Media and sports owner Bruce Levenson is a prime example of how taking the existing skills an individual has and uses them to get to the top of any industry they set their sights on. Levenson has pushed his way to the top of a number of industries, including data analysis, sports and philanthropy, with Levenson using the skills he developed as a journalist to begin the hugely successful United Communications Group with co-founder Ed Peskowitz. After becoming a success in the delivery of news and analysis, Levenson and Peskowitz were part of a consortium that took over control of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise and led the team to success.

Levenson was working as a journalist for the Washington Star newspaper when he began his career in the delivery of news and data for the oil and gas industry. Levenson and Peskowitz founded the Oil Express, a small newsletter providing news for the oil and gas industry in a store room and distributed it themselves during the first few editions. Offering a higher level of news and data analysis than their competitors, Levenson and Peskowitz formed the UCG company and began creating a large company that would eventually branch out into providing data and news analysis for a large number of industries.

The UCG company has been at the forefront of providing high quality data and news analysis over many different media formats that now include the use of real time data provided via the Internet. Levenson and his company have also diversified into media broadcasting with the establishment of the TechTarget company, alongside the founding of the GasBuddy app that provides up to date information on gas prices for people across the US. The development of many companies and other options has been based on the journalistic principles he developed at college and as a journalist for the Washington Star.

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