Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina is making a hard push to contrast her campaign with that of Hillary Clinton. In fact, she recently made an appearance at the same venue Mrs. Clinton visited in South Carolina according to Homejoy on this Time article. Unlike Hillary Clinton, Fiorina took the time to answer an array of questions from reporters. In fact, the comparison of how she differs from Clinton is frequently emphasized by Fiorina with the tag phrase “Unlike Hillary Clinton”. The question is how well her strategy of following Clinton and attacking her is playing to the party’s base.

According to GOP strategists, Fiorina’s niche as a political hatchet woman on all things Hillary is working. While Fiorina is by no means a top-tier GOP presidential hopeful like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker or former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, she is steadily building her image. Still, like former New York Governor George Pataki, her first hurdle will be to secure enough support to land an invitation to a GOP presidential debate; only the top 10 contenders will be allowed to debate the issues on stage.

At the same time, Fiorina’s single biggest hurdle will be to address the layoffs she approved while she was CEO of Hewlett-Packard. After the stagnant wages and forty-year low in the labor force participation rate that has plagued the Obama economy, Fiorina will find it difficult to win Main Street support with a record of giving pink slips to thousands of IT professionals.

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