Class Dojo Recieves Recognition by Fast Company

According to an article released on PR Newswire, Class Dojo has been a named one of the finalists for Fast Company’s 2016 Inovation in Design Awards. The annual award is given to the best an most innovative designs that solve problems in business. All of the finalists are spotlighted on Fast Company’s website and in […]

How Talk Fusion is Revolutionizing the Way we Send Emails

Relevancy Group conducted a study that showed adding a video in e-mail marketing campaigns was capable of increasing revenues from email marketing by 40 percent. With the growth of internet and shrinkage of the attention spans, video marketing comes out as the proven method one can effectively engage audiences. An email with a video attached […]

Oisin Hanrahan and the Growth of Handy

A 3 year old company Handy, formerly Handbook currently provides some of the best handyman and cleaning services. The company is worth around $500 million and has been growing rapidly since its establishment. The founder, Oisin Hanrahan gave insights on the company’s growth and future plans during the Web Summit. Mr. Hanrahan had attended Dublin […]

Handy’s founder Oisin Hanrahan: a True Innovator

Handy’s founder Oisin Hanrahan is making headlines for his ability to turn a truly creative concept into a $500 million business venture. Handy is an on-demand cleaning and handyman services based out of New York City currently. Hanrahan was recently interviewed for an article published by The Next Web about his uncanny success in launching […]

Making Email Marketing Efficient

According to an article recently published on HelloTesla, email marketing is not quite as efficient as it could be. Words on a page can sit there and never entice anyone to read them. When video is introduced to email marketing, however, it suddenly becomes a lot more efficient. There’s an old saying: a picture is […]

Video Email Marketing is Better

Over at HelloTesla, there is a big new topic: email marketing through videos. One company that has had the site all ablaze with good reviews is Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a company that has more than 1,000 templates and ready-to-film videos for any kind of email. However, users can also free form their videos […]

A Peek Behind The Success Of Handy

On-demand cleaning and household service app Handy has taken the market by storm. The company, only 3 years old, has managed to not only sustain but grow in a market where competitors have been forced out of business along with their recent announcement that Handy is now worth around $500 million. Their service is simple, and […]

Handy Inc Growing in Popularity while HomeJoy is Shutting its Doors

Who wants to deal with payroll taxes, vacation time, social security benefits and all that jazz, certainly not companies that use contract workers. Utilizing workers that are classified as contract workers are a lot less complicated, and much more cost efficient. Cost efficient perhaps, but does it stimulate loyalty, dedication and fairness in the workplace. […]

Handy CEO Expects to See More Company Growth in 2016

In an article published in the titled “Handy – the app that is cleaning up around the world,” reporter Pamela Newenham writes about the success of Oisin Hanrahan and his company Handy. Handy provides cleaning and handyman services to customers who can order these services through an online platform. The company makes millions of […]