Glen Wakeman Develops Accurate Methods To Help Diverse Industries

As an entrepreneur, Glen Wakeman has co-founded LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, and he gives guidance via software development which offers online company planning that benefits new start ups. Business planning can help propel a small enterprise into a successful future. New strategies are also beneficial to traditional businesses that must now compete in a global arena. […]

The Young and Vigilant Entrepreneur, Don Ressler

Investment has no age limits. Whether young or old, all are compatible with the global investment platform. Mostly in entrepreneurship, many ventures are run by the youth. They are getting a tight grip on the technicalities of the industry and more are succeeding day in day out. It has, in turn, inspired a great lot […]

Jason Hope’s Desire To Advance The World

Jason hope is a major proponent of The Internet of Things. The Internet of Things (IoT) is basically any device that is connected to the internet. This includes everything from household devices, cars, and streetlights. Currently this is mainly a convenience factor for consumers, and is viewed as a gadget by many. But Hope predicts […]

Jason Hope: A Man of Many Acts

When it comes to being involved in a wide range of projects, Jason Hope is no exception. Whether it’s business related or philanthropic in nature, this guy just knows how to get things done. Jason Hope epitomizes the word progressive and he’s done many positive things during his professional career. Technology has always been Hope’s […]

Let the Midas Touch Turn your Life to Gold

Everyone sets goals in their daily lives, even things as simple as what to eat for lunch is a small insignificant goal, easy to set and easy to obtain. The bigger the goal, the more effort goes in to reaching the goal. Sometimes you may set a very large and hard to reach goal, but […]

The Amazing Career Of Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison is an amazing human being. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Morrison is now revered in San Francisco and hailed as a local treasure. Her career which spans law, government, and business, has been marked by one success after another. Educated at some of the country’s most respected schools, she clerked for well-respected federal […]

Highland Capital Leader James Dondero Mitigates Impending Market Risk with Jones Appointment

Market volatility is growing every hour and nothing is more telling than the recent risk mitigation strategy borne out by James Dondero, head honcho of Highland Capital with his appointment of Terry Jones to lead institutional allocations risk management. It is not a matter or if but when the market will suffer another disastrous tumult […]