Highland Capital Leader James Dondero Mitigates Impending Market Risk with Jones Appointment

Market volatility is growing every hour and nothing is more telling than the recent risk mitigation strategy borne out by James Dondero, head honcho of Highland Capital with his appointment of Terry Jones to lead institutional allocations risk management. It is not a matter or if but when the market will suffer another disastrous tumult […]

Charles Koch Starts Focusing On The United States 2016 Presidential Election

Charles Koch is a Wichita-born businessperson who currently lives in New York City. Unlike other businesspersons, Charles Koch is a self-made billionaire, who invested the capital he succeeded his father, Fred Koch. Charles Koch holds a net worth of more than forty-four billion dollars which are managed and controlled under assets management. Sir Koch is […]

Capital Restructuring And Other Services Offered By Madison Street Capital

Madison Capital Management is a leading firm when it comes to investment banking. In its capital restructuring service, Madison Street Capital mainly focuses on middle market companies that are seeking for effective and flexible corporate funding solutions. Madison Street Capital seeks to have an effective capital structure. The entity seeks to achieve this objective from […]

Bruce Levenson: More Than Just an NBA Manager

As the Managing Partner of the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson is a well-known, well-respected name throughout the NBA. In addition to being managing partner, he has also served on the NBA Board of Governors since 2004. Bruce’s professional history began far before his NBA days, however. He is a proud graduate of Washington University in […]

Kenneth Griffin: The Key Personality That Has Led To Growth of Citadel

A hedge fund manager, Ken Griffin has been a key personality in the alternative investment market. Griffin’s birthplace is Florida, Daytona Beach and was born in 1968. He acts as the CEO of Citadel, a company he founded. This company has transformed to a leading global entity that offers investments like hedge funds. Citadel has […]