Mobile Wireless Services Can Give You Great Wi-Fi Service

When using the Internet became popular, many people did not have Internet in their homes. Maybe school children would learn about the Internet at school, but at the time, computers were not as affordable as they are now. Many kids would use the Internet in school, but few of them could come home to use […]

Gay Marriage Attitudes in Ireland and Elsewhere Has Catholic Church Regrouping

If there is any issue on which religious conservatives seem to have resoundingly lost the culture wars, it is on gay marriage. It gets approved by courts or state ballots in state after state here in the U.S., and it is also seeing some success overseas. Keith Mann knows that nearly all of Western Europe […]

President Obama Goes on Record to Support Medical Marijuana

Times are certainly changing in Washington. Marijuana is legal in the nation’s capital and president Obama is about to go on record giving his support for medicinal marijuana use. Weeds 3, a documentary on CNN set to air Sunday, will include President Obama’s views on medical marijuana. The President himself has admitted to using the […]

Minor Pot Charges in Cook County Will No Longer Be Prosecuted

The Cook County, IL jail is widely overpopulated. In 2014, nearly a quarter of the counties felony cases were for Class 4 drug possession charges, marijuana being one of the drugs included in this percentage. However, an announcement to be made on Monday, 4/20, the date they say is a coincidence, will have the state’s […]