The Amazing Success of Autism Rocks

When business mogul Sanjay Shah was having a relaxed afternoon he had no idea that one of the most famous rappers in the world would be knocking on his door with his 10 person entourage. Snoop Dogg was the rapper that walked into the front room and Sanjay Shah was greatly surprised. However, this turned […]

Girls From Cleveland House of Horror’s Speak Publicly

It has been several years since the Cleveland kidnapping victims, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus have spoken out about their 10 year stint locked up in the “House of Horrors.” Both girls, along with Michelle Knight, lived a horrible life locked up in a house with no freedoms and were terribly mistreated by their captor, […]

If You Are Overly Stressed With Certain Sounds , You May Have Misophonia- The Hatred Of Sound

  Research is beginning on a condition called, misophonia which is the hatred of sounds. This name was given by Emory University researcher, Margaret Pawel Jastreboff in 2002. Misophonia refers to sounds such as; lip smacking, swallowing, eating, breathing even nostril noises when sneezing. Those that suffer from misophonia get preoccupied with normal human sounds and react […]

California Addresses Prison Overcrowding Releases 2,700 Misdemeanor Inmates

The State’s Proposition 47 Reduced Felony Convictions To Misdemeanors One of the biggest issues facing the U.S. justice system is prison overcrowding. Thanks to the war on drugs, prisons are full across the country, and states are trying to ease that situation. California voters decided they would do something about prison overcrowding when they approved […]

Sam Tabar: Attorney, Investment Strategist, Entrepreneur

Sam Tabar graduated with honors from Oxford University, and attended Columbia Law School. While at Columbia, Tabar served as Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review and upon graduation joined the firm of Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP as an Associate in 2001, and during his time at the firm Tabar counseled clients […]

Over 800k Obama Care Recipients Asked To Delay Filing

Over 11.4 million American’s signed up for Obama Care during the open enrollment period. On Friday, officials announced that over 800-thousand Obama Care recipients received incorrect information on their tax documents and were being asked to delay filing. As reported on their blog, stated that the error was on the monthly amount in column […]

Keith Man

Keith Mann is the cofounder and the Managing Director of the Dynamic Search Partners. The company is a financial employment recruiting firm based in New York City, New York, U.S.A. Prior to his tenure at Dynamic Search Partners, Mr. Mann was the Manager of the “Alternative Investments Division” of the company Dynamic Associates (1995). His […]