Learning From Investor Paul Mampilly

Among the things that Paul Mampilly is proud of is being the founder of Profits Unlimited. At the moment, he also works with Banyan Hill Publishing. His main role with this company is the senior editor at the institution where his responsibility is assisting main street Americans to invest in special opportunities and the field […]

Chris Burch’s idea on how the current fashion and technology relate

Fashion and technology are highly interesting areas. Throughout the years, the two industries have evolved together. Fashion and technology have been observed to take their roles interchangeably. After some time, technology tends to become fashionable. Similarly, fashion tends to become technological. One needs to explore the past and current trends to understand the relationship between […]

Did George Soros Suggest That Capitalism Could Fail?

New Year resolutions are a tradition for many as a way to improve their lives. January 2016 saw many stock exchanges falling dramatically leaving investors wondering “Why.” George Soros has suggested that Capitalism might be in serious trouble. “Ground Hog Day All Over Again” At the 2016 economic forum in Davos, participants might have been […]

How Igor Cornelsen Helps Others

Igor Cornelsen is an investment banker. As an investment banker, he works to provide the most to the people that he works with and tries to always maintain an attitude that ensures he is being fair. He also tries to educate others about financial situations and how they can improve their own situation. Investing is […]