Japanese Prime Minister Given Top Notch State Visit by Obama

President Obama gave a thrilling state dinner for visiting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The visit was designed to highlight American appreciation for the longstanding relationship forged with Japan following World War II. The president appears to have achieved his objective. Foodies at AnastasiaDate (anastasiaafilliate.com) have learned that the meal was prepared by a newly […]

NYC Mayor Thrills Party Faithful in Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin has been ground zero for a groundswell of conservatism in recent years. Tea Party candidate Scott Walker became governor as an unabashed conservative. He turned around a substantial state deficit within two years and produced a budget surplus. Mark Ahn knows that the governor produced one of the few legitimate job […]

Democrats Believe 2016 Presidential Election Will Pit Their Nominee Against a Romney-Like GOP Nominee

Democrats were gleeful when President Obama handily won reelection in 2012. Prior to that day, Karl Rove, George W. Bush’s chief political strategist, made the prediction that Romney would capture at least 279 electoral votes and likely more. In the end, Romney won only 209 votes which was far short of the 270 needed to […]

Rep. Pete Sessions Makes Outlandish Accusations against the Obama Administration

Rep. Pete Sessions made some rather outlandish comments during the House rules committee meeting on February 26, 2015. During this meeting, he all but accused President Obama and his administration for being complicit in the murders of American citizens that were committed by people who were arrested upon entering the United States illegally, and then […]

Over 800k Obama Care Recipients Asked To Delay Filing

Over 11.4 million American’s signed up for Obama Care during the open enrollment period. On Friday, officials announced that over 800-thousand Obama Care recipients received incorrect information on their tax documents and were being asked to delay filing. As reported on their blog, Healthcare.gov stated that the error was on the monthly amount in column […]

Obama to Heed the Courts on Temporary Injunction for His Extra-Constitutional Amnesty Plan

The Obama administration has said that it will comply with the United States District Court ruling issuing a temporary injunction against his extra-constitutional plan to grant amnesty to 5 million illegal aliens. That said, the administration is adamant that their actions were in fact constitutional. In defending his amnesty plan, which he enacted without any […]

Speaker Boehner Wants Senate Democrats to Get Off Their Rear Ends and Work

House Speaker John Boehner addressed reporters on Wednesday following a close-door meeting with House GOP leaders regarding the funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The bill has stalled in the Senate amid strong opposition by Democrats to withhold funding for President Obama’s amnesty plan. Jaime Garcia Dias has found that, despite the […]

House GOP Defy Obama Veto Threat and Pass Small Business Tax Cuts

  Since 2003, the US Congress has voted to extend short-term tax credits to small businesses allowing them to accelerate the depreciation schedule for capital equipment purchases to as little as one year at their discretion. The tax credits have been shown to spur economic activity by making it affordable for businesses to make equipment […]

Attorney General Nominee Says Alcohol Safer Than Weed

President Obama’s Choice Disagrees With Him On Marijuana Loretta Lynch, the nominee for Attorney General, is making headlines that might not get her where she wants to be. Even though, polls show that the majority of Americans voters believe smoking weed is safer than alcohol, she is taking the opposite stance. . Alcohol studies show […]