Betsy DeVos on Educational Reform

Betsy DeVos is the archetype of the 21st century American woman. She wears many hats including: businesswoman and philanthropist, in addition to being a renowned political campaigner. Her contribution to the Republican Party has largely been centered around advocacy of school choice through voucher programs. In alignment with her Reformed Christian values, she believes that […]

The Amazing Career Of Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison is an amazing human being. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Morrison is now revered in San Francisco and hailed as a local treasure. Her career which spans law, government, and business, has been marked by one success after another. Educated at some of the country’s most respected schools, she clerked for well-respected federal […]

Dr. Jennifer Walden: A Rising Star In Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a highly successful plastic surgeon based out of Austin, TX who is also becoming a well known media personality. Born and raised in the hill country near Austin, TX, Jennifer was an avid soccer player who graduated from Anderson High School. She first obtained an undergraduate degree in Biology before attending […]

James Horner Dies in Plane Accident

James Horner, the legendary Hollywood composer who created scores for such films as Titanic, Aliens and Braveheart, has apparently died in a plane crash near Santa Barbara on Monday, June 22, 2015. He was 61. The pilot of the single-engine plane, which was one of several that Horner owned, originally could not be identified, but […]