The House Passed A Bill To Stop Phone Snooping By NSA

The House Approved The legislation But The Senate May Not Thanks To Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky A federal judge recently ruled that NSA has been breaking the law by collecting metadata from Americans. NSA claims that section 215 of the Patriot Act gave the agency the authority to snoop on Americans in the name […]

Behind the Scenes Efforts by President Obama to Win Passage of TPA Fall Short

Going into this past Tuesday’s senate vote on the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill, it seemed that 12 Democrats would join the GOP to and President Obama a major legislative victory; passage of TPA is viewed by supporters of the Trans Pacific Partnership as essential for participating nations to formally endorse the treaty. In addition, […]

NYC Mayor Thrills Party Faithful in Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin has been ground zero for a groundswell of conservatism in recent years. Tea Party candidate Scott Walker became governor as an unabashed conservative. He turned around a substantial state deficit within two years and produced a budget surplus. Mark Ahn knows that the governor produced one of the few legitimate job […]

Feeding The Homeless Will Get You A $2000 Fine In Texas

Just like 90 year-old Arnold Abbott from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, chef and lawyer Joan Cheever of San Antonio, Texas has been fined $2000 for feeding the homeless at a park in the city’s downtown area. The fine is for handing out “food free of charge,” without a permit. However, a search through the San Antonio’s […]

The Money Making Powers of the Clinton Foundation

The Clinton Foundation was created by former President Bill Clinton, with nine employees in Little Rock (Arkansas) in 2001, and in 14 years has become a powerful organization with $2,000 million raised and 2,200 employees worldwide. One third of the contributions of more than a million dollars correspond to governments, foreign entities or individuals. So, […]

Another Clinton Dishonest Remark Emerges in Ongoing Email Scandal: Bogus Single-Device Alibi

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democrat party’s presumptive 2016 nominee, defended her use of a personal smartphone during her tenure at the State Department claiming it was merely a matter of convenience. She claimed that using two cell phones, one for business purposes and another for personal use, was too great an inconvenience. […]

Democrats Believe 2016 Presidential Election Will Pit Their Nominee Against a Romney-Like GOP Nominee

Democrats were gleeful when President Obama handily won reelection in 2012. Prior to that day, Karl Rove, George W. Bush’s chief political strategist, made the prediction that Romney would capture at least 279 electoral votes and likely more. In the end, Romney won only 209 votes which was far short of the 270 needed to […]

Boehner Invokes Arcane “Queen of the Hill” Rule in a Bid to Force Passage of GOP Budget

House Republican infighting over the fiscal 2016 budget has threatened to scuttle the entire bill. At issue is deficit hawks refuse to abandon President Obama’s sequestration imposed during the often contentious budget battles of 2011. Brian Torchin knows that the process calls for across the board reductions in the rate of growth with government agencies. […]