New Jersey Dentist Supporting Operation Smile

Operation Smile, an international non-profit organization, is getting some help from notable dentist, Avi Weisfogel out of New Jersey. Avi has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise $2,000 for the charitable organization. Operation Smile focuses on offering free surgeries for children in other countries who cannot afford it or do not have safe options available. […]

Andy Wirth, An Inspiration For Foward Looking Businesses

  I just heard Andy Wirth on KCRW giving an interview on “Press Play with Madeleine Brand” on the effects of the long-term drought in California upon his business. Andy is one of the few business people who have even bothered to acknowledge that there is a drought and that it will affect Californians for […]

Eucatex-Producing Quality Paints For Decades

During the industrialization era in the 1950s, environmental conservation was a primary concern to almost all countries. Many companies had not yet devised techniques to curb the ongoing menace of pollution. Some company’s that had excellent expertise and prowess in their fields of specialization were among the first to formulate methodologies that would assist. Among […]

Home Selling in the Digital Age

Whether the real estate market is up or down, the one constant is that the market is very competitive and particular. The details must be in order in today’s selling environment because home shows and the Web have greatly informed buyers and sellers about the intricacies of the process. Sometimes the information is good information […]

Economists Are the Remaining Hope of the World

Teaching economics at the University of Chicago and having practiced in the field for years, Christian Broda is distinguished economist drawing admiration form all over the world. He is particularly very specific in and committed to issues dealing with capital management. His skill in capital management propelled him to become the managing director in capital […]

Minor Pot Charges in Cook County Will No Longer Be Prosecuted

The Cook County, IL jail is widely overpopulated. In 2014, nearly a quarter of the counties felony cases were for Class 4 drug possession charges, marijuana being one of the drugs included in this percentage. However, an announcement to be made on Monday, 4/20, the date they say is a coincidence, will have the state’s […]

Indiana Jones in Real Life Plane Crash

Harrison Ford aka “Indiana Jones” at 72, has survived many exciting and dangerous adventures in the movies, but he survived a real life plane crash on premier Penmar Golf Course, Indiana Jones-style. Los Angeles Fire Department officials reported Thursday that they found the pilot was alert, conscious, and breathing when they transported him from the […]