Bob Reina: Innovative Minds

If there is one thing that determines success, it is the mind of innovation. Bob Reina has that type of mind. He has taken the time to make sure that he comes up with something that is useful for all people. One technology that he has come up with is Talk Fusion. One of the […]

Oisin Hanrahan and the Growth of Handy

A 3 year old company Handy, formerly Handbook currently provides some of the best handyman and cleaning services. The company is worth around $500 million and has been growing rapidly since its establishment. The founder, Oisin Hanrahan gave insights on the company’s growth and future plans during the Web Summit. Mr. Hanrahan had attended Dublin […]

Initiatives to Protect Contractors

The rising popularity of freelance and/or contracted work in today’s economy has created a need for innovative ways to address the lack of protection for these kinds of workers, due to gaps in laws and regulations in this area. One such initiative involves ‘portable benefits’ – benefits that follow the worker from gig to gig […]

Handy’s Raised Funding is Handy for Expanding Business

Handy, a platform that helps individuals find industry leading, pre screened independent service professionals that specialize in things ranging from cleaning to handyman services, recently announced they had raised $50 million in new funding to aid in expanding their business. Handy, formerly known as Handybook, connects its customers with professionals that can deliver the services […]

That Special Item Isn’t Far Away With Image Recognition

If you’ve ever found yourself looking at a beautiful item, maybe a purse, maybe some shoes, or piece of clothing, maybe you weren’t sure what the brand of the item was, or where to find it. This happens many times, if we end up going on the road somewhere, and we see someone who has […]

Glasses To Guide Public Speaking With Prompt Feedback

The University of Rochester has been conducting studies on public speaking. The results are a pair of smart glasses with integrated microphone that will prompt the speaker when it is needed to slow down or be louder. As Fersen Lambranho understands, it is mainly directed towards the people with fear of public speaking. The feedback […]

Don’t Let Back Pain Disrupt Your Life, Visit North American Spine

Some people absolutely love to play sports, and they may play it every day of their life. Some are so fanatic when it comes to sports, that they’ll play seven days a week, and sometimes for several hours a day. Although playing sports is a great way to exercise, especially if one is looking to […]