One More Reason Why Drug Testing Welfare Recipients is a Dumb Idea

Earlier this year, Florida Governor Rick Scott gave up on a lawsuit challenging Florida’s drug testing program for welfare recipients. This month, $600 thousand of Florida taxpayer’s money went to pay for settlement of the case. In the end, the lawsuit will have cost the state over $1 million in legal fees and other costs. […]

China’s Leaders Remain Mum on Family Wealth

In a communist state the idea of wealth distribution is a touchy subject and in a country with over one billion people, communist leaders work very hard to portray themselves with origins from humble beginnings. The truth of the matter is that many at the top of the Chinese communist leadership represent the breadth of […]

Israelis Say Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Conduct Has Caused Damage To Their Country

Tens Of Thousands Of Israelis Gather At Rabin Square For Anti- Netanyahu’ Rally On March 17 Israeli voters will decide whether they want to keep Benjamin Netanyahu as their Prime Minister. The outspoken and controversial leader has created a lot of political enemies, and the people are publically expressing their dissatisfaction with him as well. […]

Color blindness could be a thing of the past with new sunglasses

A casual game of frisbee turned into a new business venture that could help the 300 million people in the World affected by color blindness, the Smithsonian reports. By 2005 Don McPherson, who has a Phd in glass science, was wearing a pair of sunglasses he developed for use by surgeons working with lasers that […]

Eruption of Villaricca Causes Evacuation of 3,000 in Southern Chile

Three thousand people have been evacuated from their homes in southern Chile after a volcanic eruption took place. The eruption of Villarica Volcano, located about 700 miles from Santiago, Chile, began erupting at 3am, local time. According to sources, the eruption was so large and loud that residents in nearby villages began evacuating themselves. The […]